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Price Drop to £1000 Eastman Hybrid 3/4

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Hi all 

due to injury to hand Iam no longer able to play this lovely Bass

it has been professionally set up By Martin Baily set up up with presto mediums adjustable bridge comes with case and Hercules Double bass stand  pics to follow 


can deliver at price of fuel 











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Hi there - if you still have the bass, could I buy it please?!? I don't know quite when I'll be able to get down to Essex to collect it (I'm in Leeds) but if you don't need the space, I'm happy to pay some or all of the asking price now and we can arrange pickup or whatever in the new year/when things calm down a bit? Thanks, Adrian

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Hi Adrian and Burns Bass 

The Bass is still for sale at the currant asking price I have replied sorry if you have not received the messages because of work commitments I am unable to meet or deliver .

As for storage it is sitting in a room which is not used so more than happy to keep here until paid for or collected I will also had the stand in with price 




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Still interested, Gary, yes, but everything has got a bit more challenging logistically since Saturday evening and plan A definitely isn't going to work out for the foreseeable future, sorry. I'll try and get a plan B in place, but as Burns-bass says, everything has gone a bit mad, so if he or anyone else can get to you first then that will be a great result too - in the meantime, I hope you have a safe and restorative time over Christmas - Adrian

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