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NOW £795 Poller Double Bass with Realist Pickup, Case and Stand - Romanian

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I'm selling my Poller 3/4 (standard) size double bass. Really great bass for students or jazz/rockabilly. I gigged it professionally for several years before upgrading.

It's made in Romania in the early 90s. It has been my backup bass for the last few years but I can’t justify keeping two at the moment.

Makes a great bass for a student or an electric bass player taking up upright - I’ve gigged it and and it is very light so great for carrying around to gigs etc. I’ll include a soft case and I can probably find a spare double bass stand if you would like one too.

Price drop to £795 and open to sensible offers and happy to chuck in the Realist for a little extra.

I'm currently located in Surrey/Kingston so delivery/trial around the south east is possible. You are welcome to come for a socially distanced play in the garden but serious buyers only please. Any questions let me know!

Many thanks













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added trade option!

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im coming into north London in an hour and was wondering if I could check out the double bass that you’re selling.


many thanks,



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Hi Bill, I didn't get a notification of this comment - apologies! Send me a message and I'm sure we can work something out, thanks

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Bass now in Surrey/Kingston area. Willing to sell bass and case for £795. Feel free to come try out. Thanks

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Price drop bump, couple of messages but still here!

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      The old one from a P/J Geezer Butler set had developed an issue, from previously being dead quiet it suddenly begun to hum slightly when my skin was not being in contact with the bridge ground, and I tracked down the issue to being the lower pole piece of the pair under the D string.

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      Sounds absolutely as awesome as I knew it would.
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      Tentatively putting my Overwater up for sale on here. I'm in no rush to sell it but open to offers and trades (possibly with cash my way) for lightweight, 34" scale, 5 string jazzes - Fender, Sadowsky etc.
      Anyone who's played one of these knows the kind of quality you can expect from this. It was built for me in 2017 by Chris and the team and would cost around £3500 to have made now I believe. I originally ordered it with an East J Retro which I have since changed for a J Tone giving it a more vintage sound and the versatility of a passive tone control. It will also come with the extra capacitors which are easy to switch out to adjust the roll off of the tone control. I also swapped the pickups from Overwater Ceramic to OWs new Alnico ones. I will include both sets of pickups for the buyer. 
      Spec is below, let me know if you have any questions, it's in very nearly perfect condition, a few marks on the headstock are pictured. You are welcome to try in Chessington, KT9. I will also consider posting fully insured.
      - Maple 21 fret bolt on neck
      - Nut 46mm
      -19mm string spacing
      -MOP block inlays
      -3mm side dots (1mm bigger than standard for extra visibility)
      -Alder body
      -J Tone Preamp
      -OW Noiseless Alnico Pickups (Ceramics for more HiFi sound also included)
      -Hipshot Ultralight Tuners
      -Custom Seafoam Green Finish
      Many thanks

      The tiny black mark in the picture below was just rubber and has now been cleaned off. 
    • By sambecker1
      Hi folks,

      I have been offered this bass and I am wondering if it is an authentic 1962 Fender P?  I have attached pictures. It all seems period correct (apart from wrong label and refinished hardware, added pickup and all that jazz) but I'm not an expert on these things. Been modded like crazy but I don't mind. Serial is 74510.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

      Best wishes,


    • By adamlunt
      Hi everyone,
      I’ve decided to list my old P Bass in favour of something a little more traditional, perhaps with a sunburst and rosewood flavour. Not a desperate sale by any means, but I have a strict 1 in 1 out policy. 
      As you can see, it’s a great example of an old school ash-body, maple-board P Bass. Ready for punk and indie, but can handle soulful RnB all the same.
      I’ve owned the bass for just over five years now, and as a player’s instrument it’s certainly served it’s purpose, so as I’m sure you can understand, it isn’t in collector’s condition. The previous owners have modded the bass over the years as follows:
      Dimarzio PAF pickup - Earlier version of the Model P with the cream cover. Loud and punchy in the mids, but surprisingly dynamic. BadassII bridge installed at some point - Just the badass-est bridge ever! CTS pots - The originals probably wore out. For me, this just ensures the bass works. In 2020 (amidst all the chaos) I had the bass refretted with narrow/tall frets, and as a result it plays like a dream. I chose narrow/tall frets because they feel comfortable to play, and have used Daddario Chromes solidly, meaning there is no wear whatsoever. Even the most small-handed players should feel right at home!
      The body has some wear where a previous owner had fitted and removed a thumb rest, and the neck has some areas where the finish has come away, but this is no way affects playability. The neck actually has some nice flame action towards the top. Please see images.
      I know the important question with basses from the era is the weight, and while I don’t have scales, I’m guessing it’s 4.5-5kg, with most of the weight in the body. I'm 5'7" and around 9.5st, and it has never felt uncomfortable.
      I am looking for a sale at this point, as I hope to fund another bass, but if there is a nice sunburst P Bass out there, I am prepared to exchange with cash your way if needed. And I'm sure it goes without saying, please feel free to get in touch for more pics or info.
      All the best,


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