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Fender USA Standard Precision. Black r/w

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Sadly selling a few basses.

I got this P-Bass in mid 2017. Only been used a few times at home. In excellent condition with original hard case.

Sounds and feels great!

Let me know if you have any questions.




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    • By dave84
      Here you will find a complete sound test of the Fender Precision American Performer for those who want to hear all the nuances of the passive American Precision PJ .. I hope it will be useful especially to those who were considering the purchase of this bass! 😉 https://youtu.be/eNECPg6ztdg
    • By Gardenerben
    • By meesterbassman
      Bizarre post and a shot in the dark. 
      my old teacher Colin Bilham has just died (age 90).  First bass guitar chair in the west end and one of original Superstar and Joseph bands I believe. 
      he *should* have sold his ‘64 precision to me a few years back (2005ish) but was arm twisted (I think) to flog it for (gulp) £750 by (I can only assume) some with minimal
      scruples. (Supposition there!)
      I was gutted. More so to discover that it then got sold on at auction in 2015 by Tennants in the UK at a price I could still have managed (£2.5k). 
      the auctioneers tell me it left the UK but can’t say where. 
      Colin bought it from the bass player in the Hollies...
      anyway, would LOVE to track it down (and ideally buy it back for posterity) - I’m gutted he’s gone (knew him for almost 40 years).
      anyone come across it (info here including serial):

    • By MB99
      Hi everyone,
      Pretty new to the forum and I'm mostly a lurker but here for sale is my Fender Flea Signature Active Jazz Bass in satin shell pink. 
      Anyone who has played these will know that they are a phenomenal. The neck is smooth and fast and the pickup sounds amazing. However, I'm just not a fan of active basses! I love the sound but definitely think I'm much more suited to something a little more traditional/lower output. 
      The bass is in great condition with a tiny mark on the body and some slight shining/patina on the top of the headstock. 
      I've posted this up on eBay and Reverb as I'm looking to sell reasonably quickly. New price is £1000 but will listen to offers still.
      I sadly don't have any packing materials/boxes so can only offer collection only at the moment. I'm based in New Cross, SE London so if anyone wants to buy/trade you'll need a way of getting to me.
      Hopefully these images upload properly so you can see it in all its glory! If not, here is the eBay listing (if that's allowed on here): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Flea-Signature-Active-Jazz-Bass-Shell-Pink/284238569360?hash=item422df05f90:g:SiYAAOSwJLtgYtO0
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