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New bass amp ?


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57 minutes ago, Rexel Matador said:

Hi! Do you need a combo or just a head? What kind of power/size are you looking for? What sort of gigs is it going to need to handle?

Hi I'm just looking for a combo with around 300 watts that is easy to move about. I'm currently using an 80s peavey 75 watt bass amp which is very heavy.

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Yep, look out for a Fender Rumble 500 combo.

In fact, here's one:
£360, and he even says he will drive up to one hour from Newmarket.
(NB I don't know the seller... do your own checks of course)

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9 minutes ago, Bobthedog said:

Harry, at risk of coming across as a salesman: this is a superb option that should not be overlooked and fits your requirements. I cannot do much on price but will deliver at no cost if you are in Bedfordshire. 


Hello thank you very much for the offer and the amp looks like what I'm looking for but I will need to wait for my gear to sell or wait a few months and I will have the money. If your amp is still available when I have the cash I will get In touch

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