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1 hour ago, DarkHeart said:

Does the neck fall into the `baseball bat ` camp?

The HB PB50 is baseball bat neck, all standard HB P basses are standard modern P bass neck afaik.

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2 hours ago, stewblack said:

My only concern is this. What conditions are they made under. 

Yeah, provenance  of materials is another one. Hopefully Thomann have it under control 🤞

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On 23/07/2020 at 16:14, stewblack said:

When the rest of the bass playing world wakes up to the fact of HB's astonishing ability to turn out flawless instruments and flog them at a 5th of the price of the competition, there will be more than a few manufacturers looking nervously over their shoulders. 

This is another beauty. Not 'good for a beginner' or 'OK considering the price point' or 'will do for a back up' or 'good as a start point for a mod' or 'might be OK once I replace every working part of it'. 

No. It's just great, straight out of the box, no qualification, no prevarication. It's beautifully finished, plays like a dream balances and sounds like a a P Bass. 

42mm at the nut, no sharp edges, no dead spots, beautiful 3ply tort plate, no buzzing, no blemishes. 

And a laughable price tag.

 *sigh* in love again. Happens all the time. 











Looks a beaut 

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16 hours ago, stewblack said:

We need to get a Basschat syndicate going. Four of us put in, buy a bass and keep it 3 months of the year each. Draw lots for who goes first.

All the guilt of buying too many dissolves away into nothing.


That would save e a lot of money! :D

I don't think I'm getting the Harley Benton... but I already looked at sources of black pickguards without pickup routing, so that I could put a different kind at whatever position in there... and my birthday is coming soon ;) But for my birthday I was after a purple Telecaster. However, if I don't find it... hmmm :D


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