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SOLD Darkglass Microtubes 900 V2 with bag and super intelligent footswitch
South Northants


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I think we all know what this is. It's the current model with the graphic EQ, separate pre and post DI outs,  three cab sim slots, aux in, headphone in. 

It's in as new condition, maybe done 4 or 5 gigs tops. It comes with the original box and paperwork, the included single button footswitch, the extra super intelligent footswitch and the carry bag. 

Total new price would be just short of £1,200 at the cheapest prices I can find.






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These are good ......really good

Owned the V1 - liked it - didn't love it

Bought the V2 -They  got it right - needs to be turned up loud to hit it's full potential but has a nice 'at home/ohm switch' to make it useable indoors

GLWTS (and top extras as well with the bag and extra Footswitch)

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