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How Bad Are We Hurting?

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3 hours ago, BigRedX said:

I'm a guitarist too (and a keyboard player).

What you gonna do about it?

[Heavy sigh of despair]

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We've just taken a booking for mid October, indoors at a pub. 

Just before lockdown we got a new drummer and had had two rehearsals with him. He's a great drummer but not familiar at all with our music but he wanted to do it as a challenge to himself to expand into new territories, so will take a while to get up to speed. He has been learning our set from CDs but obviously it's not like playing with us. 

I emailed everyone this morning to see how we all feel about starting rehearsals but one guitarist doesn't want to to as he has three very vulnerable people living with him, he hasn't actually left his house since March, and that's fair enough, we all have to be happy. 

We don't really want to get a dep in as, with the new drummer we'd like to get back to being a proper 'band' again, a gang of friends, how it used to be. 

I'd like to see at least a months worth of serious rehearsals (one a week) before we gig. In all honesty I don't see indoor pub gigs back on the cards before next year anyway, so this booking is probably irrelevant anyway. 


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14 hours ago, Cat Burrito said:

I guess everybody has been impacted by this, even the amateurs and semi-pros who's livelihood can also be at risk. I went out for a meal on Saturday and we were the only ones in the restaurant. I think a lot of venues are going to go under, from pubs to clubs. Personally I hadn't taken any holiday since last September (for a UK tour) and was gearing up for a European tour in April and a UK tour later in the month. I felt pretty burnt out from my main job and of course both tours were pulled. I am a key worker so have worked throughout and currently haven't had a break for 10 months now. My outlet (i.e. music) has taken a beating and I don't see the end in sight. I have a UK tour booked for October that I can't see happening and my only gig is a socially distanced private event in a farmer's field next month. I far cry from jetting around Norway, Sweeden, Italy, Spain etc. I worry that as things resume, venues won't be able to pay acts and then the ones that do will be duos or solo singers.

Yes, duos and acoustic gigs are popular. That's one reason I've been able to stay busy. Our band Maple Road has a scaled down acoustic act. If Maple Road is too expensive we can offer our acoustic product.


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On 21/07/2020 at 13:50, Heathy said:

My greater sympathies are with technical/venue staff who have been affected.

I have always thought that making any money from doing something that millions just do for relaxation/fun is a massive privilege. Whilst it is causing hardship, I would hope that if I were in that position I would have the good grace to realise that point.

Does anyone think that COVID will contribute towards putting an end to cash altogether? 




Touring techie here. The year's diary completely wiped out for myself, and all the freelancers and companies that I work with. Lot of people and businesses at real risk of going under, it's certainly a strange time to be in this industry. 

I'm sure it'll come back eventually, but the high profile pulling of the country-wide drive in concerts hasn't exactly boosted consumer or industry confidence. Attempts at getting shows up and running are going to be hamstrung by the debate of who takes on the risk (and the costs) if a second wave/local lockdown/plague of locusts causes cancellations.

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