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Pedal clear out - EHX, Bearfoot, tech 21 etc

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Hi all, having another bit of a clear out. All pedals in good working order, a few have superficial marks and chips so I'll go into detail where I can but they're all in good condition generally. I'll include boxes and leaflets where available too but if I haven't photographed a box I didn't receive one when I bought the pedal.

I'll put some pictures at the bottom of this thread. Further pictures and details available on request. 

Postage to UK included. 

Wren & Cuff Phat Phuk B - £90 

Reluctant to let this one go but not getting much use any more. Chip on the top right and bottom right corners. Footswitch pops a little but as an 'always on' effect it never bothered me. 


Bearfoot Blueberry Bass Overdrive - £125

Another reluctant sale but preferring my BB preamp these days. Various chips all over but, while beautiful, the paint on these is rather brittle. 


Latent Lemon audio Brass master - £125 - sold

Bought new on Reverb for £150, used a few times but I find myself chasing a big muff fuzz tone at the moment. Really great sounding and faithful reproduction of the Maestro B:ASSMASTER. Can often be a few weeks lead time on these, mine is available now 😉


EHX Nano Pog - £100 

Good condition without a box, prefer my MXR. Some superficial scratches but nothing major. 


Sansamp BDDI V2 - £130 - SOLD

Bought new last year, prefer my vtdi. Pretty much 'as new.'


EHX / JHS Green Russian - sold

Bought new when EHX reissued the green russian. Modded by the folks at JHS so it has some pretty cool features which alter the oscillation / clipping etc. Doesn't have the pick / sticker / badge - never came packaged with it unfortunately. 


Ernie Ball Volume pedal Jr - sold

Bought off eBay, I've barely used it. 250k pot. Has some marks on the top and some scratches on the side. 


DigiTech Whammy Ricochet - £60 - SOLD

Another eBay buy to experiment with pitch shifting. Didn't really get much use our of it but a cool effect nonetheless. 


Boss LS2 - £50 - SOLD

Bought new for a large pedalboard but decided to downsize... 


EHX Bass Clone - £40 

Bought new, still got the receipt. Have a few preferred chorus pedals so moving this on. Classic chorus tones for little money. 


TC Spark mini - £25 

Cool little booster, not a lot else to say! Pretty sure I have the box somewhere for this one. 


Phew, think that's everything! 
















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    • By Walker
      £100 each (+ £5 towards postage)
      Three Tech21 Sansamp Character pedals.
      These are getting a bit harder to find now, they all sound great, but these three have always been my favourites.
      Blonde - Mkll - £100
      Liverpool Mkl - £100
      British Mkll - £100
      I'll post them 'Signed For' delivery, next working day.

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      Hi all,
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      Arion MEQ-2
      Behringer bass overdrive
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      A pedals up for sale! OC2 Is potentially already gone. 

      DOD Meatbox Reissue - mint and boxed - If you know, you know. £250

      Boss CE2-B - £100 

      Darkglass Limited Edition Hyper Luminal Compressor. Mint and boxed. - £200 

      JHS Colour Box V2 - Good condition, Boxed - £350 

      All prices include UK shipping. 

      Would potentially consider a HX stomp in part exchange / trade. 

    • By Sardar
      Only been used at home so in good condition.
      Up for sale as I've bought a Helix so I'm starting to sell off my old pedals, hence no trades, sorry.

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