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Another hollow body/semi hollow query. Advice?


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On 12/07/2020 at 18:47, Maude said:

The Ignition series is fully hollow and reasonably audible unplugged. I play along with music quietly with my Club. One of the main reasons I bought the Ignition over the Contempary,  pleasantly it was half the price too. 

I'm sure I read that the Ignition pickups were more traditionally voiced where as the Contempary were more, well contempary, but I could be wrong. 


The Contemporary actually uses the same pickups as the more expensive German made Hofners however the control panel is slightly different and manafactured more cheaply than the control panel on the German Hofners, the tonal difference between the Contemporary and the German made is likely down to this as well as the German made being fully hollow, I had the opportunity to play one of the German Hofners and compared to my Contemporary it definitely had a darker, woodier tone.

Also worth noting is that the hollow body Hofners are usually around 5ibs weight so super lightweight which some people love and some people not so much

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