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Busking amp - Are you hoarding a badass 5.25”/13cm car speaker?

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Hey Low riders.. I scored this DJ tech block rocker second hand for £50 which is what it costs to put batteries in my Peavey Solo! 

Broke bass players get busking..

Anyone got a little cracker of a 13cm 5.25” speaker hiding in a box? What you got?

It works and sound healthy, so, not being the type to ignore the chance to fix something that ain’t broke, I popped off the grill to find a tiny poxy car speaker.

being about the same dimensions as the mini mark bass/polytone Mini brute I was thinking it would be an 8”.. should I mess about and put in a bigger driver? 

I ran the amp into some other cabs and it can definitely give a lot more into a decent cab. It’s sounding great into my CMD121P cab but I don’t want to risk the speaker busking.

It’s fairly Tidy and well put together too. 

I bid on a beefy looking cast-frame Kenwood coax from sunny Lithuania.. I wondered if any basschatters might throw me a bone and de-clutter that corner of the garage. 

Id be really grateful, it’s a cracking sound for upright lying. Especially good on its back facing up. There’s even a pole mount.

If anyone’s interested it’s ‘50watts’ and has three wireless makes mic included.. supposed to give 10-12hours. It’s giving over well 6 so far.

I stuck the tiny headset mic inside the F hole on my double bass and it works really really well. I expected it to howl with feedback. Wireless busking set up for £50 anyone? 

Cheers all.. message me if you have anything about that size that would be fat and full range. 









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If you're after speakers, then there's a  WANTED forum for such requests.

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