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iMac 2013 Core-i5 8GB RAM *SOLD*

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**NOTE** - Note - Sale agreed pending completion. You may still reply, but you will only be contacted if the sale collapses. 


As you may notice from some of my other posts, I'm having a bit of a clear out to help with the move to a new property. As a result, anything not strictly required is being listed for sale. This is an iMac that I bought way back in 2013. In all those years, it's been used just a handful of times, on the occasion that I wanted to play a game that my laptop couldn't handle (which wasn't very often at all). More recently, time for games has been non-existent, so the iMac is now totally surplus to requirements, and is only serving as storage owing to its massive 1TB HDD, however as I now also have that as cloud storage, it's not even required for that anymore. My plan is to remove all data from the HDD, reformat the computer and reset to factory, install the latest version of software, and have the HDD replaced by an Apple Authorised Service Centre (MacSys in Belfast, FYI), so there won't be any traces of my data on the computer.

Comes in original packaging, power leads, Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad (both bluetooth). I'll even throw in a pack of batteries for the keyboard and trackpad to sweeten the deal, and then it's 100% ready to use and as if new out of the box.

A note on coronavirus - Although this computer hasn't been used this year at all, all components will be thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner prior to shipping. Unsure of shipping costs at this point, but that's something we can determine when we're agreeing the sale.

Pictures/media to follow shortly.

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Sale agreed

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9 minutes ago, songofthewind said:

Stick an SSD in this and it will be a great machine!

Definitely! And speaking to MacSys, they're willing to do that. I can do that for any interested parties if they're willing to pay the difference in cost between HDD and SSD.

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