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PRICE DROP - Woojer Strap. Haptic feedback for IEM,s
Chipping Sodbury, Bristol

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For sale is a boxed, pretty much as new Woojer Strap.




Works really well as part of an IEM setup to let you ‘feel’ the music.   Obviously not as good as a full on pleasure board or similar, but then not as difficult to carry around or as expensive.


Also good for just listening to music or to enhance your gaming experience.

In the original box and includes all of the cables and bag etc


Now £55 including postage.


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Price Drop
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Perhaps an odd use for this product but I'll fly it anyway...

My sister is almost completely deaf when she sleeps without her aids.
She is the primary carer for our 97 year old Mum (a former WW2 barrage balloon operator) who has advanced dementia.
The Google Nest camera alerts on her iPhone SE (which she has to wear on her arm at night) don't have a strong enough haptic pressure to wake her and I'm thinking this could be the answer to her prayers!
If my sister was to connect the Woojer strap via Bluetooth to her iPhone would it send the alerts/sounds as a relatively strong force?

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MGJ, apologies I didn't get notified of a reply on this thread.  I've tried out your suggestion but I can't see that you can get alerts from the phone to provide that kind of response.  My honest suggestion for your sisters use case (although more pricey) would be an Apple Watch.


Going to drop the price of this to £55 shipped or £50 collected from Chipping Sodbury, Bristol.

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