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Learn the best sounding walking bass lines for a Texas Blues. 

In the video lesson I show you a Boogie line, the famous shuffle groove and other techniques to help your walking bass playing. 

There are four exercises to take away and a Texas 12-Bar backing track for jamming too. 



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    • By greghagger
      Learn a Rock shuffle groove Learn a killer Pentatonic fill Learn a rockin’ Doobie Brothers Tune Download the free pdf transcription  Jam to the backing track In the video lesson, I show you the above by teaching you the bass line from a lesser known Doobie’s song, ‘Down In The Tracks’.
      This is a great bass line, and I’ve got two fantastic musicians to help me make the backing track. 
    • By greghagger
      Hi everyone,
      Some of us had a really great discussion on here a while ago about the need for more resources to help with learning to read music. 
      Many of you expressed frustration with not being able to read, while in some cases, being advanced players. 
      Since then I have researched, planned and made a video course called, ‘Learn To Read Music For Bass Players.’
      This course deals exclusively with learning to read music, but without beginner bass playing instructions. 
      The course starts with the very basics of reading music, and throughout the course you will learn all the skills needed to be an advanced reader. 
      The link below gives you more information about the course. 
      I am happy to offer a 10% discount for anyone on Basschat. Just send me a message and I will let you know the code. 
      I hope many of you find the course useful. 

    • By greghagger
      Pentatonic scales are great to use in your bass fills. 
      Here is a video lesson showing you the Pentatonic shape and how to memorise it around the fretboard. 
      I also give you five Pentatonic fills to use in your own bass lines and show you how to use them in a chord sequence. 
    • By greghagger
      Bluegrass is a style that needs a bass player with great feel and a solid sound. 
      Traditional Bluegrass would be played on upright bass but it does work on electric bass too, with the right approach. 
      Learn how to put this into practice with pivotal bluegrass bass techniques. 
      In the video you also get to listen to a full Bluegrass band covering a Union Station song. 
    • By greghagger
      In the lesson I give you techniques to help play and create your own Walking Bass Lines for Shuffle Blues. 
      There is also a Backing Track For practicing and a bit of Blues history. 
      This is suitable for anyone wishing to start playing walking bass over 12-Bar Blues.
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