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Do they have music in Devon ?


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3 hours ago, Maude said:

In general the north of Devon and Cornwall is less populated than the south so gigs will be fewer and further in between. The further west you go in Cornwall the less it matters as the north and south coasts are so close. 

Plymouth, Truro, Exeter, etc are busy-ish as gigs go. We've found that the smaller more rural areas appreciate live music much more and even though the audience might be smaller than in the bigger towns and cities, they tend to be there for the music rather than just out on the lash and there happens to be a band on. 

Neither of our bands are just standard pub rock and we've been doing alright, the Mod/Northern Soul/Ska band more than alright really. 

There's plenty of smaller festivals as well. 

You will definitely need a big car and a willingness to travel though. 

whereabouts are you ?

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12 minutes ago, fryer said:

whereabouts are you ?

I'm in a little village on the edge of Bodmin Moor, the closest place anyone's heard of is Liskeard. Both bands have members split between Liskeard and Plymouth.

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On 17/06/2020 at 08:37, pnefc42 said:

I live in North Devon and, up until my decision to stop playing live a couple of years ago, was gigging regularly throughout Devon with a couple of bands (particularly an 80s tribute band which were always busy....). As mentioned previously though it is a large county so be prepared to travel if you want to gig regularly. Used to play regularly in Exeter (places like The Prospect, General Buller & Corn Exchange) and Plymouth as well as in and around North Devon. The Palladium Club in Bideford (pre lockdown!) hold a weekly jam session on a Tuesday night which is a good way to make contacts, introduce yourself etc



What band were you in Dave? I might have seen you play.

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6 hours ago, Misdee said:

Do they have music in Devon? I don't really know, but the do have  cream teas . Far more important.

Aren't Muse from Devon? They've done alright for themselves. And Joss Stone. 


5 hours ago, mep said:

And Coldplay. :ph34r:

Grockles, all of them. And South Devon, completely different country...they'm all weird down there.


The last band I was in, the guitarist had a band back in the 90s and Muse were once their support band. The guitarist couldn't remember if they were any good that night... he'd over indulged.

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On 03/11/2020 at 18:36, fryer said:

we have sold our house, so moving to a village near Barnstaple

In all seriousness. 

In North Devon the pubs that put on music aren't very big. Appledore had quite a good music scene, places like The Champ had a landlord that is a real music nut.

You've got village halls that occasionally put on a band maybe. The usual beer and food festivals which are usually quite good.

There used to be a festival called The Final Fling, that was excellent, great festival to play.

In Bideford there is/was The Palladium Club. Had a good mix of stuff. Played there a few times.

In Torrington there's the Plough Arts Centre. Played there a couple of years ago. They put on mainly blues and folk. Local bands don't play there a lot though.

Getting to South Devon is a bit of a pain, and I've never been in a band that did gigs in South Devon. From what I hear Torquay and Paignton can be good for bands. However, it's easier and quicker to get to Taunton to be honest 😁 

Like a lot of places there seem to be more bands than venues and you get quite a few that'll play at the opening of an envelope.

In my experience nothing's big. And like everywhere right now, everywhere is shut ☹️


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