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Top 3 GAS List


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1) Sadowsky USA Vintage 5-24 in Dark Lake Placid Blue


2) Marleaux Contra 6 in the old violin finish


3) MTD 635-24 Finish undecided but something like the below would be the ticket 🙂


Oh and I also want a Sei Flamboyant 6... and a Glockenklang BAC + Glock 610 complete with someone to carry it for me. 😐

However all of the above are trumped buy my current raging GAS for one of these as a result of working from home for the last Two months sitting on a £20 Argos office chair all day... The Herman Miller Aeron. The Grandfather of office chairs 👍 ... My back keeps trying to order it for me when I’m not looking... 😕


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1.  AER amp three combo.  I've owned an AER amp one and an AER amp two but really fancy the 2x8 amp three.  I heard one last year and it blew me away for tone and the volume was 😲 and that was outdoors.  Amazing amps.

2. Fender Dimension HH4 in natural finish.  I don't know why these weren't very well recieved. Okay, I do know why - not traditional Fender.

3.  Fender 51RI Precision.  I gave my last one to my son as a birthday present several years ago and have always missed it.  That warm sound. :)


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I would like a semi acoustic, something like a Warwick Star or something similarly EB2 styled, quite liking the look of the Warwick Fortress. Or more Ric's or Faker's... ;) 

Another 2x10 combo (lightweight this time)

Helix LT

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but bass-wise, I'm GAS-free. I've bought 3 basses in the past few months and between them and my older ones, I have everything I need. I just find myself going back to my warwick thumb.

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I’m gas free, I have everything I need but no time. 
I have

a bass doc precision, 3tsb maple, relic 

a stack knob, Olympic white with tort in nitro, relicing itself 

a stingray copy by vintage

a zoom b2.1u

an ampeg combo 


I’m not sure what else I could want 

Edit:cables possibly, and electricity 


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GAS  #1 is for a headless 51 P-bass. Will hopefully final shape the body tomorrow 🙂

GAS #2 Another Telecaster bass. Waiting on the bits so I can start winding the wide humbuckers



I've always fancied the semi hollow Ibanez basses.

Think it'll GAS #3 only in reverse neck slab P-bass form 👍

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To stick to the topic here comes my personal Top 3 electric bass GAS list, though I suppose it might seem pretty modest.

In no particular order:

- Yet another Ibanez Mikro Bass, but this time the GSRM20B model, with black hardware and in Weathered Black finish, as my second 4 string Mikro Bass (already got an older 4 string black one (2010 or 2011 production, as far as I recall), as well as a fairly new 5 string one (out of last year's production, 2019)).

- A Harley Benton GuitarBass, strongly inspired by the Fender VI Bass, but without a tremolo system and instead a TOM style bridge, or perhaps, if I should get the patience and discipline required to save up a little, a 28" scale Eastwood Sidejack Baritone, the one with fixed TOM style bridge, in black with gold hardware, and then possibly ending up with stringing and tuning it like a Bass VI.

- Either the 24 fret 28,5" scale ESP LTD B-4 JR that recently went into production again, after having been discontinued for several years, or the all new 28,6" scale, heavily inspired by the fairly short lived and somewhat rare Fender Precision Bass Jr, Mini P Bass from Squier, that just has been released, though it could also be a Danelectro Longhorn, which is also a bass that I really want to get at some point, I guess as a poor substitute for the amazing Jerry Jones Longhorn I once owned, but was stupid enough to sell at some point, which I still regret to this day (an out of production sort of high quality, higher end, I guess you might even could call it boutique, version of the original Danelectro one from a now retired fairly legendary guitar maker/company, that might be my single most favorite bass I ever owned of all times, especially set to the pickup selector's stock option that made the 2 lipstick tube pickups be wired in series).

A qualified guess though, even if I said in no particular order, is that I will properly end up getting myself yet another 4 string Ibanez Mikro Bass first.

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I never seem to be GAS free :)


Hot on the top spot is a Sandberg VM4 or VT4 (aged and used)

The Jaydee lust is still there and not going away.

That's it at the moment I think.

Just sold the 3rd pre-eb Stingray that I have owned, it's like some on going tease for me,

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For me in no particular order:

  • Wal MkII, 4 string, fretted
  • 1973 Fender Precision, natural, black plate, rosewood board on a big fat neck! (YOB bass)
  • Status CW 4 string, fretted, blue wraparounds. 😯 Oh, wait a minute.........
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Nothing I would need as I barely play my only bass, and nothing I would have space for as I live in a small flat, but if I could buy today 3 basses they would be:

-Schecter Model T session - 5 strings

-A Rickenbacker

-A cool fretless for funsy, maybe a Rob Allen

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Mine was

1) the Ibanez EHB1505ms, which I have (and love)

2) an ibanez Ashula, although I have no idea why

3) a squier classic vibe mustang.

Both of those last two have come up pretty cheap on here recently and i have failed to get them, but TBH, I do have way too many basses, especially if there aren't going to be any gigs in the immediate future. 

But then I am swayed by so much. A rickenbacker 4003/5, although I haven't really got on with rics and they are too expensive, A shuker 5 string, a spector lx, even though I didn't get on with the last spector, another jazz although I have a jazz I don't play.

I think I really need to get rid of some things before I get new stuff in, or at least use more of the stuff I have.


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On 04/06/2020 at 14:30, hooky_lowdown said:

I'm not a Fender fanboy, but the three I desire most...




Ooh a say that blue competition stripe Mustang would definitely be on my GAS list too.

Alongside a black Gibson Thunderbird, and a 1957/58 style P bass in sunburst/maple and gold pickguard. Mmm.

Not a hope in hell of getting any of them but it’s nice to wish. 

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On 05/06/2020 at 23:33, la bam said:

Are those bloomin Guy Pratt videos laced with subliminal messages or something?!

I've always hated the look of Spectors. Never interested me one bit. Not at all. Never like the shape, colours, sound. Nothing.

Then for no reason whatsoever I've spent all day looking at Spectors, started to really like them, and nearly pulled the trigger on a second hand one! I get home late, look at this thread and it's full of Spector want too! What's going on! :)


Come over to the Spector Nation....... resistance is futile..... 😉


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22 minutes ago, cetera said:


Come over to the Spector Nation....... resistance is futile..... 😉


Already there! Bought a legend 4 in fade blue, then today managed to snag a mint legend in holoflash! The blue has to go now though I'm afraid, cant justify two.

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