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**SOLD SOLD SOLD** Overwater Progress 3 Deluxe 5 STRING ***SOLD SOLD SOLD*
S Wales

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Hi all

NOW SOLD - Custom built Overwater Progress 3 Deluxe 5 string. AAA birds eye maple top over walnut wood body (personally chose the wood for this build). Unmarked satin finish. 

5 string through neck 36" scale (18mm string spacing at the bridge). New Overwater nickel light strings. Stunning build quality and has a gorgeous neck. No fret wear, rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl dots.

The neck has purple heart stringers around maple (5 piece neck) with rock stable tuners. Original OW soapbar pickups with vol, pickup pan, treble, mid and bass. 9vdc active circuit - original John East electronics. As well as a standard output it has a built-in XLR balanced out to go direct to the desk etc. Built for me by Chris and Martin in 2001. Has Chris May's signature inside the electronics cover. 

Some black paint is scuffed on the bottom edge of the bridge and the brass saddles are a bit tarnished (I'll polish them first) 

Original Overwater supplied hard case included (I think it's a Hiscocks case?). I'd rather not send via a courier - I can drive to deliver with in reason or meet half way. 

I've had this bass since new (never thought I'd sell it), I'm very careful with all my instruments and it's been pampered all its life. 

Thanks for looking 










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Item now SOLD
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This bass has so many things that interest me! 36" scale! I played my friend's Shuker bass of that scale and it felt great to me.

i wish there was some way to try this bass but I'm in London. It looks like quite a sturdy bass and as it has walnut in it, I am going to ask the most tire-kicking question of, "how much does it weigh"? Oh and is that a rosewood neck?

it doesn't say in the ad whether you're open to trades but I have an Ibanez BTB 1825 Premium up forsake on here for £1200...

does/did Overwater make its own pick ups? Are they similar in sound to any you can think of? 


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Thanks for your questions. 

I'll add a pic of the weight (should have done that originally as I've had loads of questions asking about this) bathroom scales = 10lb 4oz. Yes, its a big slab of gorgeous rosewood. 

No trades unfortunately as I have my eye on something else. But your Ibanez is a stunner. 

Pickups designed by Overwater (helped by John East if I remember but I'm not 100% certain of that) they have a clean open "hi-fi" sound together and when solo'd can give a wide variety of tones. Plus due to its scale growls through the mix in the lower registers. It has been the perfect theater and TV studio bass due to its clear punchy sound (engineers often comment positively and love the xlr direct balanced output socket). 

36" scale takes a very minimal time to get used to, I find it very intuitive plus a 36" B string is simply immense! 

Cheers bud 






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Yea, the light in the first load of pics wasn't the best. In the flesh the wood grain really popps and shimmers especially the Walnut core visible from the back plus the mother of pearl dots  sparkle very well. 

(Someone once said that Overwaters have "Fodera build quality for Fender money" ... I couldn't possibly comment on that) 

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      Back: Coco Bolo
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      MACHINE HEADS: Pedulla/Gotoh
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      PICKUPS: Made for MV Pedulla by Bartolini, JJ
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