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New Old Bass Day (Aria Pro II Mosrite)


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Got this delivered today. Needs some TLC and I'd say the strings are as old as the bass. There's a lot of dust gathered on the bridge. I got it on reverb from Asia, so God only knows the stories this guitar could tell. I haven't had an old intrument for a long time.

Bridge and neck sound really good on their own. I was looking for something a little different to a P or J configuration. But both pickups on together seems a lot quieter. Jack input is flakey so will need fixing. I may have to replace or upgrade the volume knob as well.

I had been tempted to get it refinished to get rid of all the knocks and dings on it, but I'll see. I suppose it adds to the character. Any suggestions on strings? Flatwound or roundwound. The ones on it are roundwound I think and are bloody old. The neck feels great. I have it beside a P bass at the moment, and it doesn't look *that* much shorter on the guitar rack, but it's far easier to play obviously than a P Bass. 

Lots of aggressive riffs to come once this is playable. Here's a link to all the pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/YvYmZFA





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That's an Aria 1720, from around 1970 - '72 or so, and looks, apart from the missing bridge cover, to be in original & unmolested condition.


I'd be inclined to leave it as is, just give it a stripdown & thorough clean up - looks like there's very little corrosion to the metal parts, and all those knocks and bumps are its history.

These are rare instruments these days, and pretty collectable - although not worth a fortune, they aren't without value, and are becoming more sought-after.

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Had a good rattle off it earlier. It has that Ric clackity sound on the bridge with a bit of drive. Sounds massive. My p bass sounds puny beside it. If this is what a Ric sounds like, I want one!

Not sure why more companies haven’t used the Mosrite style pickups for bass...

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