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Lockdown bass builds - finally finished

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In February 2015 I attended one of John Shukers bass building courses and came away with this, my main bass.



Since then I have had a few basses I wanted to try to build so I attempted this. However with no workshop, tools or much free time its been an uphill struggle. Anyway, I was furloughed from my work and made a concerted effort to finish what I'd started all that time ago.

These next two are basically bitsa basses. For the first one I bought an Alder body from Ebay in the USA.


The neck I picked up on Ebay UK I think. It is of unknown origin and was second hand and had a polyester laquer on it. After prepping I attempted to do a walnut stain to the body and neck. This went very wrong. The stain I used was more like paint and I couldn't get a nice finish at all. It showed up every stroke of the application. I was gutted. Anyway, to cut a long story short I sanded the body and neck back and started again. I decided to do the body in Black nitrocellulose and the neck in clear gloss nitrocellulose. That was a whole new challenge as its not at all straight forward. Still I got it to where it is today. See pics.

Hardware is:

Tuners - lightweight hipshot

Pick ups - Kent Armstrong J and P pickups

Electrics - One volume per pickup. EMG BTS Control, 2-Band EQ for bass guitar, features broader single-pole filters. High and Bass +/- 12 db, 4 selectable frequencies for the treble control (2100, 3500, 4500, 7000 Hz

Bridge  - Gotoh



The next one is a bitsa Precision bass I just wanted to do because I wanted a P bass. I thought a shoreline gold bass with tortoiseshell pick gaurd would look very nice. This body I think I picked up on Bass Chat a few years ago. It was fully loaded but the wrong colour. So I sanded it and refinished in shoreline gold nitrocellulose again. Once again this was quite tricky to do. The neck was bought off Ebay UK and is an Allparts brand new unfinished Jazz neck. I prefer Jazz necks as I have short stumpy fingers. This is painted with satin nitrocellulose.

Machine heads - Schaller

Pick up - Unknown

Bridge - Gotoh OEM style



So there you have it. I have at last managed to finish these basses. They are not perfect but they are mine, done by me to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading this far.































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9 hours ago, Slappindabass said:

Really like them all, the neck on the black one has a really nice patern to it.

That neck wasn't like that at all when I bought it. It looked quite plain. 

I stripped it and sanded it and as it got smoother the flame in it just started to appear. I was well chuffed.

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Shoreline gold does it for me :)  makes my recent ash 'oil' finished look cheap (but I still like it's beaten look).

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6 minutes ago, 3below said:

Shoreline gold does it for me :)  makes my recent ash 'oil' finished look cheap (but I still like it's beaten look).

I have played the gold one more than the black one so far! I really like it 😂

I haven't seen your ash oil finish but i'm sure it doesn't look cheap. Beaten look rocks. 🤘😎

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