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As New Bass Collection Power Bass SOLD!


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I bought a Bass Collection Power Bass  around 6 weeks ago and have barely used it since I purchased a Yamaha BB 1024 on here.  I must say that as P basses go it really is an excellent instrument. This particular one is a very dark green with a mint pick guard and matching headstock. It looks as though it has come straight from the shop. Most of you will be aware of these basses as they are used by quite a few top pro players despite their modest price point. This  one is certainly on a par with anything I have played from Mexico and very similar in quality to a Japanese reissue P Bass I once owned. It comes with a super high quality padded gig bag. If you want funky p bass tone for very little money give me a shout please as this bass will do a great job for someone as a main gigging bass or a very good back up.






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It’s not chunky at all. It’s not Fender jazz bass slim but neither is it like some of the p basses. Apparently it has exactly the same neck profile as the Bass Collection Jive Bass. Very nice and easy to play in all honesty. 


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