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For sale is a beautiful example of Martin Petersen's work. It was made for Randy Hope-Taylor about 20 years ago, and the chap I bought it from recently had owned it for many years. It's certainly unusual, sporting a Tele headstock and stacked knobs, and as with all Martin's work, beautifully made. Having played extra long scale 5-string basses for many years, sadly it just doesn't work for me and my gorilla mitts!


34” scale

Surf green body with matching tele shaped headstock

Flamed maple neck / Rosewood fingerboard 

38mm nut / 19mm string spacing 

Gotoh GBR640 tuners

Alder body / parchment pickguard

Passive / stack knob

Mørch single coil jazz pickups ( 60s spacing )

Vintage spiral saddle bridge

Weight 4.8kg

It also comes with a chrome neck pickup cover and an additional tort scratchplate. The neck & fingerboard was originally painted white, but the previous owner had this stripped some years ago by Martin Sims, and he did a great job revealing the beauty of the flame maple.

The only trade I would be interested in is for a 35" scale 5-string with 19mm spacing.



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Wow.. That's a stunning looking bass!!

Never seen a Sei like it before either. Very cool provenance too.. 


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Shame it didn’t work out Dave , this is a brilliant bass - up there with a Celinder J classic I had.

@Jimelliottbassist owned quite some time ago too , tempting but GLWTS 

edit just to say - Dave is a top basschatter to deal with , One of the good guys 👍

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Add recommendation!
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Bugger, I missed this last time & don't have the readies this time! 😭

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I've always loved this - such an elegant bass from my favourite UK luthier.  Also, probably the most reasonable price I've ever seen associated with a Sei - utter bargain for work of this quality IMO (Martin's work and artistry really are world-class)

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Now thats got Mojo................ Really do think its time i tried some of these british gems

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It’s beautiful!

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Somebody already said it

wanted this last time it came up and now I’m skint! 

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28 minutes ago, StuartB said:

Is it green, or blue?  #thedressbass

Only you can decide that! 🙂


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6 minutes ago, StuartB said:

Does it nose dive very much?

No neck dive at all, it sits on a strap beautifully. The slim headstock probably helps...

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    • By deanovw
      I am selling this P/J Jazz bass with EMG electronics.
      I have over £800 in materials invested in this bass so I am selling it at a loss. I just want to move it on so that I can start on the next builds I have planned.
      The the body and the neck are painted in nitrocellulose from a rattle can. The finish on the body is not 100% perfect and there are a few tiny rub throughs of the black. Perfect for a relic finish if you are into that kind of thing.
      Hardware is:
      The body was bought new from pcguitars on ebay USA. It was an unfinished Alder P/J Jazz body that fits Fender necks P250
      The neck is of unkown origin. The flame in the maple is lovely.
      38mm nut.
      Tuners - lightweight hipshot - Black
      Pick ups - Kent Armstrong J and P pickups
      Electrics - EMG Active - One volume per pickup. EMG BTS Control, 2-Band EQ for bass guitar, features broader single-pole filters. High and Bass +/- 12 db, 4 selectable frequencies for the treble control (2100, 3500, 4500, 7000 Hz
      Bridge  - Goto - Black
      Weight on my not very accurate bathroom scales = 3.7kg
      Gig Bag included
      Any questions please ask.
      Location is Exeter. I would rather not post as I don't have a hard case for it. Happy to meet up (safely) within reasonable distance.

    • By mikem8634
      Now with free shipping. Scratchplate free with the bridge if you want it
      Happy to consider any interesting trades for 6 string (non bass) stuff.
      Payment by PPG if that's okay with everyone.
      Also listed on The Fretboard Forum (and I've been around a lot longer on there in case I seem a bit new)
      Hipshot 4 String B Style Bass Bridge - £40  now £30
      Satin Finish  
      19mm string spacing  
      4 mounting holes  
      UPC: 00840000916983  
      SKU: 5B400BC-750  
      Bought second-hand but not installed as it’s not a direct retrofit for a Jazz bass. Oops!  
      Looks in excellent nick and is a quality chunky thing.  
      Venom Jazz Bass scratch plate - £10 posted or free with the bridge
      White Pearloid  
      Very lightly aged - yellowed at the edges and around the screw holes

        Cheers folks
    • By lastanthem88
      Here for sale is my P Bass. It’s made from:
      -          Fender Classic Series Lacquer (Nitrocellulose) body in Black, unsure on the year.
      -          Fender Road Worn Jazz Neck, 2008/2009.
      -          Fender Tort scratchplate.
      -          Fender Custom Shop 62 pick ups.
      -          Fender Bridge with Graphtech saddles. 
      -          Hipshot Ultra Light tuning pegs.
      -          Nate Mendel signature neck plate. 
      Currently strung with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys.
      It cost me well over £1000.00 to assemble and plays really nicely. The reason for sale is quite simply that I need the money. As you’ll see by the pictures, the body is starting to age nicely, all natural wear, and should age into a great looking bass.
      Priced at £600.00, plus carriage to wherever you may be.
      Any questions just get in touch!

    • By Marc S
      PRICE: £750 (original control plate only)
      I can't believe I'm doing this, as I'm a fan of the RW series... but I need to thin the herd (I've just got too many).
      FOR SALE ONLY is my superb Fender Roadworn Jazz bass. It's one of the earlier models to be available. I played a new one in a shop recently, in rather fetching Fiesta Red, and it didn't feel half as nice as this one.
      Those in the know, will appreciate just how good these basses are. They feel "worn-in" and well played, and look and sound the business. I weighed it on some accurate digital scales, and it's around 3.8 - 3.9 Kgs - which is very light for a Jazz. I fitted a Kiogon Stacked control wiring loom and added a Brass earth strip, for that added touch of 60's vibe. I grew to really like the added option of a tone control on each pickup. The price includes the original control plate too - but I'm willing to drop my asking price a bit, if you only want the original control plate.

      Collection only please, I'm in South Wales. I always prefer to let the buyer try before buying, and make sure everyone's happy, and I prefer not to trust couriering expensive instruments.
      I'm happy to meet halfway somewhere - I've got a battery amp, so you can test the bass.
      Absolutely no trades at all (unless you have a Wingbass) - as I say, I need to thin the herd, sadly 

      It's currently fitted with Flatwound strings - "Flats on a Jazz?" I hear you say  I can let you have a nearly new set of Rotosound rounds, if that's your preference - I fitted them for a couple of weeks and then tried flats on the bass, and grew to like it that way  
      EDIT: Now with Original Control plate ONLY - someone wanted the Stacked Control plate separately.


    • By Marky Screen
      I'm coming round to only wanting to play rosewood boards now so I'm looking to move this neck on that I got a while back.
      It's a 2008 MIJ 3 bolt Marcus miller Sig.
      I'll add more pics of wear and tear etc. Shortly.
      It's in generally decent condition.
      Frets have minimal wear and a bit of tarnish on them.
      Truss rod turning fine, microtilt working fine
      Nice bit of flame on the back. The fingerboard has one bit where a string has been pushed down hard and rubbed the lacquer off a bit. I've tried to photo it and a couple of tiny little lacquer rubs on it.
      The binding has a few chips out of it.
      The back of the neck is pretty clean too a couple of little tiny dings in the lacquer but otherwise good.
      Reverse wind Tuners are a little stiff so could do with a little service to get them really smooth but turn fine and hold well.
      Found this pretty hard to price up so have put it up at the same value as the only other 2 I could find online (Reverb) but happy to hear from BCers if it's worth more or less.
      Happy to take the neck of if theres serious interest and you want heel pics etc.
      Price includes UK postage.

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