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SOLD Barefaced Midget 400W 1x12 bass cab 9kg

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I bought this cab direct from Barefaced in 2013. You can find the full spec here.

I have used it paired with a Barefaced Compact (1x15), or on its own. Used alone with a decent amp (in my case, Ampeg 50W valve or Demeter 800W Class D) it is perfectly capable of filling a large hall. And it weighs only 9kg. Barefaced suggest using it with an amp in the 150W-600W range - I seem to recall the thermal maximum was around 400W. At some point it may struggle to compete with your own version Keith Moon or John Bonham, but it is still a very capable cab.

It has the more expensive (and lighter) vintage-style grille cloth and comes with a Roqsolid cover which has done a grand job of protecting it when travelling to and from gigs in my car. The cover has worn through in one spot (see photos). There is some light scuffing to the handle mounts.

Why am I selling? I now have a Barefaced Super Twin for larger gigs, and a Barefaced One 10 for smaller ones. Much as I would love to keep the Midget, I need the cupboard space, and my toy fund is running low from lack of gigging!

Yours for £329 including insured delivery to mainland UK.


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Been after one ever since I traded mine.But not in funds and really want a black one. 

However, can I just say to anyone else looking who hasn't used one, this will blow you away. 

You won't believe how small, light and incredibly punchy it is. 


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Great cab at a bargain price.  I have just spent five minutes resisting temptation to buy, but I just don't need one now.  I'm gonna close this screen now before I change my mind! GLWTS. 

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SOLD pending payment

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    • By alexa3020
      I have recently acquired a Barefaced 210s and Ashdown ABM Evo iv 600W
      Its plenty loud enough for most situations (I do think its as loud as a good 410 as advertising suggests). On the rare occasions when I have a bigger gig with no PA support I intend to pair it with another cab. I have an ampeg 410 that I can pair it with, but I'm considering replacing that with another Barefaced 210s.
      A Barefaced 210s can run at 4ohms or 12 ohms. The ashdown head can push 600w at 4ohms. So a single cab can potentially receive the the full 600w from the amp.
      If I run 2 cabs, Ill need to switch the cabs to 12ohms, So I'm guessing I could be pushing around 450w split between both cabs at 6ohms. 
      Therefore is the potential volume of a cab on its own is way more than that of a paired cab?
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      Maruszczyk gig bag.
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      Barefaced generation 3 big baby 2 for trade.
      very good condition, it’s been my home practice cab- see photos for condition  
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      Looking to trade for a lightweight 2x10 cab, particularly interested in a barefaced 210s or a berg 210hdn

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      We all know how good these are. 🙂
      Excellent condition and comes with a padded cover. Only selling as I'm switching to IEM & preamp pedal for live shows. 
      Collection from South Beds. I'd prefer not to post.
      No trades. 

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