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Hello from Barnet (North London)

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I don’t normally bother with intros when I find a forum of interest but this place seems very friendly & welcoming. In fact I’ve just disappeared down a wormhole of all the others’ introductions...

In the 90s I played bass in three man riot https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=465765 

We were a punk band and I just played the root note of the guitar with a pick and learned to do so in time. I never progressed beyond that. Our basslines (and songs) might be the least complicated ever. I stopped playing once I got a responsible-ish job and wife and child until 20 years later ended up in a rehearsal studio with the old crew and we played the handful of songs that we could remember. I fell instantly back in love with the bass and have been practicing since (c. 3 months ago). Lockdown affords a lot of practice time.

I love it, I want to learn so much more than I ever did in the band. I can hardly play any riff - no matter how simple - without the strings buzzing/missing notes/fingers aching; I’m basically a total beginner again but loving starting from scratch. There are many more options to learn from now with all the tabs, YouTube videos etc. I’ve been using TalkingBass site a lot and just signed up for Fenders free 3 months of lessons.

I use a borrowed Fender P-bass (I assume it’s a squier level one though it doesn’t say squier on it and I don’t have anther bass to compare to nor sufficient knowledge/experience to probably even be able to tel the difference between a good ‘un and a cheap bass. Yet.) I’m practicing much more with fingers than plectrum as I prefer the sound but am still more proficient with a pick.

I only intended to write a couple of sentences. I’m not a lead guitarist ffs.

Thanks to the people who bother for running this forum. I can’t wait to read beyond this thread. 

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On 23/05/2020 at 14:22, Manny said:

I’m basically a total beginner again

Many of us have been there...

Welcome back to the fold...I'm 10 mins up the road (drive fast, take chances) if you need any help/advice/etc...

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