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Recommend a Gibson/PRS/or epiphone

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Definitely a Gibson for me even though I hate the direction and Gibson's consistent ability to score consistent public relations own goals ('Play Authentic' ugh).

I spent almost a year trying out 2016 and 2017 series of Les Pauls (Traditional, Classic, Standard). Most of the guitars I tried in the shops however needed a decent set up. I also tried a Les Paul Tribute and I thought it was a really good guitar for £1000. I didn't end up buying it because I had my heart set on a full fat 'proper' Les Paul. At the £1000 price point I would also consider an SG which has essentially the same electronics and pickups as a Les Paul, but is lighter and has better upper fret access. My brother already had an SG though so I 'had' to buy a Les Paul to be different. 

I ended up buying a second hand 2008 Les Paul Standard faded (so basically a Les Paul Standard with a satin finish) in 2017. The looks of the guitar are 'so so' compared to the new Les Paul Standards but in terms of playability this guitar covers everything I need.  

In terms of buying 'new', I think that the new Standard 50s and 60s series are a big improvement on the previous Traditional and Standard series. At £2000 they are pretty big investments, however of any guitar model out there, a Gibson Les Paul is likely to hold its value better than a lot of other models at the price point. The Les Paul Classic is about £1500 and has coil tapping features that the 50s and 60s Standards don't, so that may be worth investigating too. 

 Irrespective of my love of GIbson guitars, the quality of a PRS S2 will be more consistent than Gibson from guitar to guitar. The SE and S2 series are really good guitars period, let alone being good guitars for their price point. However, for me the sound of a Gibson is what I prefer so I will generally buy a Gibson irrespective of the fact that a PRS guitar will probably hold its tune better, be easier to play, have more tonal variation (coil splitting options etc) and have consistent QC from instrument to instrument. In terms of you think you would prefer, outside of playing them I would recommend watching a few Youtube videos of reviews of the models you are looking at. 

Its a crap time to be shopping for a new guitar so my best wishes to the OP in their quest!


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