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Big Studio Clearout - Mics, Cases, Headphone Amp, Monitor - LOADS OF STUFF & ACCESSORIES

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For the first time in a long time, I haven’t got an imminent gig, or studio session, so, am taking the opportunity to list a load of kit with a view to change my setup.  Am offering loads of bits on here, before I put things on eBay. Sales preferred, may listen to trade offers.  Pictures to follow/on request.  Shipping not a problem.



AKG C1000 x2 (Matched Pair) - £100

RRP - £85 each

Fairly standard mics that I’ve always got good results from.  A matched pair from AKG, complete with clips (one original, one not).


Tascam Drum Mic Set - £75

RRP - £150


Decent set of drum mics - used once.  Kick, 2 x overhead and a snare mic.


Thomann Beta 56 Copy (CD56) - £25

RRP - £34


Very good mic for the money.


Thomann Beta 87 Copy (MB78) - £30

RRP £44


Very good mic for the money, used but, excellent condition.


Shure PG27 - £90

RRP - £170

Really nice, large Diaphragm Condenser mic - not the USB version.



Gator Mic Hard Case - £60

RRP - £150


Great condition - just used to store mics in my studio.


Gator Mixerbag 2519 - £35

RRP - £50

As new condition - used to move a desk around for gigs since the summer.


Gator Bag 1818 - £20

RRP - £35

3 of these - one newer design, and one older, all great, used condition; good for heads/leads.




Samson S-Phone 4 Headphone Amp - £50

RRP £160


Decent Headphone amp - pretty standard, with nice level meters and options… 4 channels, blendable with a master input.


Auralex Gramma Pad - £35

RRP - £60

Great piece of kit for gigging bassists, and dealing with tricky stages


FAME DC Junior Effect Pedal PSU - £25

RRP - £45

6 x Isolated outputs for FX pedals


Alto TX208 Monitor - £60

RRP - £90

Insane monitor for the size/price!


Nordel Audio Vocal Booth/Reflection Filter - £40

RRP - £70

Really nice Vocal Filter - folds for storage.


Boschma 4U Rack Case - £40

RRP - £80

Shockproof rackcase, great condition and very sturdy.













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Pics & Items Added - removed sold items

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Vocal filter and headphone amp please. Pm payment details to me and I will do it. 

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Just now, owen said:

Vocal filter and headphone amp please. Pm payment details to me and I will do it. 

Sweet - will drop you a PM now 👍

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Yeah - i realised that; currently have the pg27 setup for remote/online lessons... The M-Audio is available, but, I'd want to test it first.

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Couple of items sold - I'll be putting everything on eBay on Sunday, so, any interest, or offers, let me know 👍

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Hi @aj5string

Am interested in the Gator Bag 1818 - £20

Which one is it in your photo of the bags? Is it the one in the centre.. 



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2 hours ago, aj5string said:

Hey Nik - Incan get some pics of individual bags this evening if that helps?

That'd be great - thanks! 😊

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Oh - also just found a 15m Thomann 8 channel multicore. If anyone wants anything else, I could throw it in for £30 - doubt it would be worth posting on its own.


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1 hour ago, aj5string said:

So - looks like the three are all slightly different sizes - prob best to refer to the pics below 👍




Thanks @aj5string

How much is the bag in the middle picture please? 



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