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Splitter cable?

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Hey all, I'm looking to find the best way to record two inputs from my bass into my audio interface. I want to record one signal clean, straight into the line in and another to go through my effects pedal then into the other input on the interface. Can I grab a simple splitter cable such as this https://www.gear4music.com/G4M/Klotz-1-4-TRS-Jack-1-4-TS-Jacks-Interconnect-Cable-3m/25A5 (which is balanced/stereo to 2x mono) or am I looking at something more sophisticated? This is just for a recording experiment so something as cheap as a cable is preferable!

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No, this won't work for what you want to do (if I've understood this...). The stereo jack won't take the signal correctly from your bass jack socket. You'll want the same cable, but with one mono jack split into two mono jacks. It could be done with that cable if you cut off the stereo jack and replace with a mono one, though. Here's the right cable from Amazon...


Hope this helps. B|

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