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Skjoldslayer 4 - price drop - SOLD
Athens Greece

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Skjoldslayer 4 in perfect condition

33" scale

Select ash body

myrtle top/headstock

macassar ebony fb

skjold pickups

skjold/east preamp (bass,treble, passive tone, vol/blend)

3.7 kg

practically new,  playability is a dream, amazing action.

Shipping included, comes with a used but in working condition hardcase.






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On 09/05/2020 at 22:08, silverfoxnik said:

That's rather stunning I have to say!! 😊

GLWTS @PeteHantzios

Thank you!

It's rather stunning indeed, and workmanship is trully second to none.

For anyone interested, you can check the countless skjold megathreads on talkbass.

Some facts

I bought it recently from its original owner(a rather impulse buy to try something trully high end). The bass was built in 2013(as part of a payment), and was not played since.

It has zero neck dive on the lap or hanging on a strap. It's that kind of bass that gets magically as low an action as you can imagine without buzzing anywhere on the neck and with minimal adjustments. It also seems extremely stable and the truss rod is easily the easiest and smoothest turning I've ever encountered - I really don't know how he's done it.

It feels like a supercar in my hands, and that's the reason I'm thinking of letting it go, too much bass for me and my skill set, I prefer something a little bit more tamed sort of.

It's sound is really powerful, either passive or active courtesy of the custom skjold pickups.As it was described to me, really versatile, but rather more rock than jazz.  It also has the cleanest and punchiest dub/reggae sound I have heard. The clarity of the lower register is phenomenal. It  feels extremely responsive in the hands and the harmonics are loud and clear everywhere, as they say they seem to jump of the bass, really rich harmonic content.

Here's a couple of samples from people who actually know what to do with it :)


Will entertain trades(up or down and only 4 strings), and polite offers. 

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Price drop at 1999 pounds. A few sound samples available for anyone really interested. I will also be unable to ship until next Monday.


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