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SOLD Sandberg California II VM4, Lake Placid Blue, Aged


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Edit.... I held on as long as I can but with early 2021 still looking pretty grim.... New photos and a bump! No Trades please.

I purchased this bass towards the end of last year in anticipation of a busy touring year... how wrong could I have been! Given the current circumstances having no end in sight I reluctantly offer it out into the world of Basschat. Make no mistake I'll either be hunting for it again or ordering an identical replacement as soon as things get back on course!

It's a VM4 (Precision and MM humbucker), with extras being a Hipshot Detuner and rosewood fingerboard (as opposed to standard Pau Ferro). It's Hard Core Aged, and comes with a Sandberg gigbag and all the paperwork. My baggage scales don't seem to want to work at the moment, but it's lighter than anything else i've owned, including the short scales! Passive mode is engaged by lifting the volume knob. Controls are volume, pan, treble, bass. I'll replace the Straplock buttons with the original Sandberg ones. These basses are remarkably versatile and playable, from Precision punch to Musicman bite and all the stuff in between. I can't really think of a gig they arn't suitable for, and will be keeping my VM5 as it really can do everything i ever need. Collection from bournemouth very welcome, but postage also no problem at all. Any questions welcome. 














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Cheers guys... @seb I don’t know that they have any specific neck sizes, its just their default! More Vintage Jazz than thick P, happy to provide any further details I can if needed! No trades I’m afraid, it looks like my career is in the toilet for the next few months so cash is king!

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Yep that’s a nice looking bass, I’ve the soft aged tt4 .... and it’s my go to bass, I’ve been looking for a contender for a while.....send me message at your convenience to discuss thanks 👍 



cheers jay 



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