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Ibanez Ashula II SRAS7 As New. Price drop to £600
South Cumbria

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Posted (edited)

I've not had this very long, but I have loved almost everything about it, it's only offered for sale as I have seen something on sale here I've been after for a long while, so needs must... 

7 strings: 3 fretless, piezo bridge, active vol/tone, 24 positions

                 4 fretted strings, 2 single coil pickups, vol/bal/bass/treble, 22 frets

                 3 way switch - fretted/fretless/both. 


This combination makes for an extremely versatile instrument--I've strung the fretted side with piccolos, downtuned to DGCF,  then tuned the fretless side GCF. The contrast between the two (warm, wooly fretless, crisp, clear fretted) is rather lovely, and makes experimentation very appealing. I will include the piccolos and the regular rounds in the sale. 

It plays excellently strung 'normally' as well. The fretted side is big and heavy in tone, and the Aerosilk piezo bridge is just fantastic (I have it on 2 other Ibanez's).Very responsive to player input. 


Condition is almost brand new, tried to picture the only 2 scuffs I could find. The burl top absolutely glows, the jatoba fingerboard is really pretty, etc etc. 

As always, when I list a bass for sale, I'm asking myself "why am I selling this lovely thing?", but I can't have too many basses (can I...) 

£675 delivered within the UK, in it's own, rather fetching hard case, complete with embroidered logo! 

These were quite a limited edition, so should rise in value, and it has all the usual Ibanez build quality and reliability... 


Thanks for reading... 



















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Price drop
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Interesting concept, how would this be strung from factory??

Just Curious here, GLWTS

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I always though looked great even if I have no idea how you can play one! Looks immaculate and great price GLWS

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Cheers. It looks like I've missed out on the bass I was after, though. If so, I'll withdraw the Ashula... 

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