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Daisy power from a Dunlop brick

Born 2B Mild

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A question for you pedal experts...

I've got a Dunlop DC10 power brick and want to power seven 9v pedals from it. Sadly, I've lost the cables and need to order.

Should I buy seven separate cables, or can a single daisy chain lead work from just one of its outputs?


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Should be OK provided your total load doesn't exceed 375 Ma. The individual outputs are not isolated, so you effectively have a daisy-chain of 9V ouputs inside the box anyway. The 18v outputs provide 625 Ma between them and there's no transformer in that part of the circult - the 18V outputs come straight off the 18v wall wart that powers the unit.

I have one of these and I have a daisy chain somewhere so can do an experiment if you can wait until this evening for the results.

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Well it works for 2 or 3 pedals, and I don't think you'll blow anything up - if there isn't enough current it just means some pedals won't work properly.

I don't think the circuitry in these bricks does a great deal, and you might get a very similar result by using a 9V wall wart and a daisy chain.

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