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MTD Lynn Keller 532 24, 5 strings
Verona, Italy

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Now open to trade!

Jazz or  precision or PJ 4 four strings and cash in my favour

MTD Lynn Keller 532 24, 5 strings

Body: Mahogany, maple burl top.

Neck: Maple and Granadillo finger board.

Buizen feiten tuning system

32” scale, 24 frets 16,5 strings space

Titanium bars along the truss road

Bartolini pickups

Volume treble pan bass med

Mid switch

Original case


It is new, only a couple of notes in the studio.

This bass has a price of 4799 pounds or 5300 euro


Shipping free.









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    • By mrbassman_de
      Selling my just traded-in MTD 6 string. It is a great player and one of the earlier basses Michael Tobias has built.
      It has spent most of its life with an active preamp and a huge power supply jack built into the body. According to the previous owner (a fellow BCer) Michael himself restored the bass to its original state, re-installed the original Bartolini pre and closed the hole with a matching wood part. The quality of the work is excellent as expected.
      The bass has a wonderful low action and with its 3,9 kg it is a featherweight, considering it is a 35" 6er !
      Amboyna Burl Top (that is a VERY expensive wood today)
      Leightweight Ash body
      Maple neck and board
      Wenge cap on headstock and Wenge plates
      Bartolini pickups and preamp (V/Bal/B/M/T and Mid frequency switch)
      21 frets
      18 mm spacing at bridge
      35" scale
      3,9 kg (true !)
      Original HSC (has seen better days)
      Everything works fine. Frets have long life left.
    • By siso0450
    • By JULIPI
      Price: 3000 GBP or 3200 EUROS, or trade (MTD 535 or SARATOGA USA 5)
      This bass born in september 2007.
      Is as new without dings. Incl a fligh case original Warwick and the shipping cost in the price.
      This infinity is a custom shop: Antique Tobacco Stain HighPolish finish. Have a MEC pics and preamp. This bass is fretted with a rosewood fingerboard. About the body: Ovangkol with an amazing Flamed Maple AAAA top. The neck is too flamed Maple and the bass machine heads are black.
      All original and sounds amazing. As new and its delicious to play.

    • By BassApprentice
      So I originally was on the lookout for 5 string at a slightly higher price point but a couple of bills later I had slightly less GAS money and saw this in the classifieds and couldn't resist. Not too much info about these, seems they were discontinued and come up from time to time. I've tried the Super5 at BassDirect and loved it and this has all the basic build features with just less pickups and less fancy EQ. I'm pretty happy with it so far, 19mm spacing and 35" scale won't be for everyone but the wide, asymmetric neck feels great to me and it comes in just under 4kg so good weight too.
      This one has had a 2 band John East preamp from a Zoot put in which is very bright and maybe not quite versatile enough for me, although I have been playing with Tapewounds so maybe when I can get a set of tapes on this it will mellow it out. Reckon either the preamp or pickup will be changed too if this stays around long enough. I'll definitely be putting in a series/parallel/coil tap switch though. Enjoying having a 5 string again!

    • By Rollo
      For sale/For Trade a beautiful MTD 535-21 from 1995, very good shape, lightweight (3.7kg) and very rare with this woods configuration.
      It's a bass from second year of the MTD's production (finished in December 1995), delivered with original brown hardcase and Mike's letter.
      Its weight is really surprising for a 5 string and it is very balanced. The sound is filled with growl and presence, lots of low-mids and a really strong character.
      This is according to Tobias, the sound he had in mind when he thought about the evolution he wanted to make by launching this new brand in the early 90s.
      Here are specifications :
      Body : Korina, lightweight whith a wonderlful golden color
      Neck : Wenge, quartersawn, one piece, 4 screws bolt-on with asymetric profile
      Fingerboard : One piece of Wenge
      Scale : 35"
      Frets : 21 + 1 frets silver/nickel in perfect shape
      Headstock : 2 + 3 with Wenge veneer
      Nut : Bone
      Pickups : Originals MTD/Bartolini, inverted P pickups
      Preamp : Original MTD/Bartolini, works with two battery, +/-9v configuration
      Controls : Volume/Blend/Bass/Mids/Treble + Mediums frequencies switch 250/400/800 Hz
      Tunes : Originals Gotoh GB707
      Bridge : Original Wilkinson in perfect condition
      Strings Spacing at Bridge : 19mm
      Strings Spacing at Nut : 9mm
      Knobs : MTD
      Hardware color : Black
      Trussrod : One working and perfect set up rod
      Land of Craftsmanship : Handmade in USA
      Weight : 3.7kg
      This bass is very easy to play and the weight is super nice when you are standing. The bass has a few strokes and a few marks, but nothing bad for a bass of this age.
      It’s an instrument that has been played and that resonates wonderfully. The sound is typical MTD, with snap and an unbeatable slap sound. The woods used really offer a very ample and imposing sound, with a very good definition and a really important presence in a mix.
      You can see pictures in full HD here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18LL6pQFNSi13FkmicCoRCf_hwKYAFCxp?usp=sharing
      And listen a lots of soundclips here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lENbaYYXVDuhg6jlYJiZX5azU6uf8fj3?usp=sharing
      Don’t hesitate if you want additional photos or soundclips.
      For exchanges I am quite open, I am interested in fretted or fretless basses, from 4 to 6 strings.
      Rather looking for a Fbass, Leduc, Ken Smith, or whatever...
      Submit !
      For information :
      Price new in 1995: $ 3500 + $ 300 (Wenge neck and fingerboard) + $ 300 (Korina body) + $ 140 (Hardcase) = $ 4240 or current $ 7240 with dollar inflation
      Current new price: $ 5,200 + $ 500 (Wenge neck and fingerboard) + $ 300 (Korina body) + $ 450 (Hardcase) = $ 6,450
      3200£ is for average trade value.
      For straight sale, price is negociable.
      Bomb-proof shipping OK

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