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SOLD Epiphone Jack Casady Signature

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Selling on my Jack Casady bass, gorgeous bass and sounds great, just not really my thing so it spends most of its time sat in the case unfortunately. 

I bought it new last June from Andertons for around £700 including the hardcase. 

Currently strung with DR Fat Beams 45-105, will throw a set of La Bella 50-105 black tapewounds that I bought for this bass in with it too. They've been on and off a couple of times but just too low tension for me so no point me keeping them. Also comes with a mod bar included as seen in the photos, keeps string silks off of the bridge saddles to help with intonation. It's only been gigged twice and used for one recording session so it's in as new condition. 

Would prefer not to post this ideally. Any questions just pop me a message. Cheers!






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These are great basses, I bought a new one just before lockdown. I'd love another but can't get there to collect! Not sure I can afford it in the current climate either.

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9 minutes ago, FinnDave said:

These are great basses, I bought a new one just before lockdown. I'd love another but can't get there to collect! Not sure I can afford it in the current climate either.

It's definitely a beauty! I just can't justify keeping it around and it not getting any use. I'm not totally against shipping, I've shipped a few bass cabs before but I just like knowing the buyer has had the bass in their hands and is happy before they buy it that's all.  Probably just overthinking!

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    • By CalDeep
      Up is my green label boss bass chorus, the classic! Full of mojo and a great sound, and is sadly just not getting used. 

      Price includes UK postage. 

      Any questions let me know! 

      Ideally looking for a sale, but try me with trades and part ex

    • By bogleshake
      Hi folks
      I bought this from Guitar Guitar in Newcastle in July 2013, mainly after seeing Mani playing one in the Stone Roses comeback gigs.  It's the made in Korea model.  I've since seen it played by various cool cats on stage, including Jack White and Paul McCartney's bassists.  Comes in the pretty drastic-yet-appealing-to-most golden colour.  I bought it to play the Wickerman Festival that summer, RIP, and that was one of only two gigs I've used it for.  The rest of the time it's been used solely for recording on all my band's recordings (Barstow Bats, check us out!) as it's got a much better sound than my horribly noisy American Jag.  Looks class on stage as well, although I'm not sticking a photo up of me playing it at Wickerman as the Mad Crew guys said I looked like Elton John that day!  Photo can be sent by request if that's your bag though!  Great bass, in excellent condition not a mark on it and all original parts.  Case has a few marks on the outside though although nothing substantial, just doing its job as a hard case. 
      Happy to travel an hour or two, within reason, to meet.  Hit me with any questions!  
      Will post for an extra £20 or £30, give me a shout and I'll get a specific quote.

    • By paddybass
      Bought from a BC'er about 3 years ago but not used much so I am moving it on. 
      A beautiful funk machine refinished in Aztec Gold. I haven't got the original listing details but I remember it is a 90's Japan body refinished by Dave Wilson.
      I have replaced the PU's with Ironstone but will include the PU's that came with it (which sounded pretty good) although I don't know the brand:  
      The Ironstone Jazz Bass pickups are Ironstone’s first Bass pickup design. They feature classic 7.3K bridge and 7.1K Ohm neck resistances for rich, but crisp vintage tones. The classic construction also includes: Alnico V vintage tone magnets Fibre flat work bobbins Waxed cloth connecting cable The Jazz Bass pickups are available as individual bridge, or neck, as well as a set. The set only, is also available in a rugged foam-lined presentation case (see photos). A comprehensive mounting kit accompanies all purchases.
      I also had the bridge reset slightly and cleaned up the neck which is silky smooth.
      The neck itself is an Allparts licensed model with Rosewood board and Walnut facing on the headstock. (Apparently cost about £400 itself)
      I am including a Spider hard case in the sale which has served me well and still does the job.
      Strung with Bass Center Stadium Elites 40-100.
      Something a little different and sounds as good as it looks. 
      Bad bits:
      Some belt rash on the back, a paint chip to the body near the truss rod adjuster and another chip by the jack input. 
      Some slight smudges to the varnish on the headstock and some wear marks on back of headstock.
      All these can be seen in the pictures and the Bass is priced accordingly, just trying to be honest. 
      Pickup and try out welcome in Poole once lockdown is over. 
      Can courier at cost in a box or meet up somewhere. 

    • By Sven Holscher
      Kristall Big Room - 6 Strings (2018)
      -USA hard Maple Body
      -Bolt on Maple neck
      -Rosewood fingerboard
      -26 frets
      -33“ inch scale
      -C Neckshape
      -Nut width: 52mm
      -String spacing bridge: 16,5mm
      -Fretboard markers: white pearl dots
      -Pau-Ferro-bridge with Piezo-Pickup
      -Graphtech Piezo Pickups
      -Richter Preamp
      -Nordstrand DC Magnet-Pickups (60s J-Bass position)
      -Nordstrand electronics: Master-Volume(pp-akt/pass), Pickup-Balance (Piezo/Magnet), Balance between magnet PU, Bass, Treble
      -Pickup switches (single/dual coils)
      -Hipshot Ultralite
      -Maple ramp
      -Protection Racket Gigbag

    • By rushbo
      I'm de-blinging an old bitsa bass...
      The machine heads are by Wilkinson and work really well. They've got minimal signs of wear, but I did have to file a couple down to get them to fit on my rather cramped and eccentric headstock. One is filed  on the right hand edge - I had to take about .3mm off it, to make it fit. Another has had the top left corner filed down as it was standing proud and was visible from the front of the instrument (if you squinted). Both are pretty neat jobs. £20 +£3 P+P.
      The gold knobs are rather lovely, with a faux mother of pearl top. Very good condition. £4 + £1 P+P
      Not much I can say about a string tree, only that I haven't got a gold screw for it. £1 all in, but if you buy the tuners and the knobs, I'll chuck it in and charge you £25 for the lot.
      The perfect hardware for a bassist who has just joined a Liberace tribute band.
      (For clarity - the tuners are by Wilkinson, but the knobs and string tree are generic, far-eastern parts.)

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