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!!! SOLD !!! ALEMBIC Spoiler Flame Koa Top, 32 inches, from 1990, with original hard case
Etalle, South Belgium

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All original ALEMBIC Spoiler Flame Koa Top, 32 inches, from 1990, with original hard case.


For sale only as I'm thinning down the herd (again).


Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £2299 GBP !!!


In fully working condition and in excellent overall condition.


Here are the specifications :

Body : full size (S in the serial) Spoiler shape, two wings of mahogany with thick beautiful hypnotic flame koa top wings

Thru body neck : 3 pieces of maple

Fingerboard : ebony with pearloid oval inlays and walnut under veneer

Frets : 24 (very very slight wear)

Headstock : typical Alembic Cone 2 + 2 shape with flame koa top and back and 2 walnut veneers on each side

Pickup : Alembic AXY4 (like on the Stanley Clarke model)

Preamp : Alembic low-pass filter with Q switch

Controls : volume, 4 position pickup selector (with the typical Alembic standby position), low-pass filter, Q switch

Tuners : original Schaller chrome (perfectly aligned at the back, look at the photos)

Bridge : original solid brass Alembic two parts, bird type

Strings spacing at bridge : 17 mm

Nut : original adjustable Alembic solid brass

Strings spacing at nut : 12 mm

Knobs : original Alembic used bakelite

Scale : 32 inches

Hardware colour : chrome

Truss rods : 2 (fully working) adjustable at the body end with a 1/4 wrench (delivered with the bass)

Finish : polyester clear gloss

Land of craftsmanship : 100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA, originally made for Wils Musik

Serial number : 90 S 6101 USA

Year : 31st August 1990

Weight : 4.1 kilos

Action : from 1 mm under the G string to 1.5 mm under the E string at 12th fret (can even go lower, but was perfect for me)


Will come with the lightly used (one spring latch is broken, but the latch is working) original Alembic hard case (which is still a paid mandatory option today).


Non-smoking environment as usual.


I'm only selling this bass because I'm thinning down the herd and even if it's a terrific bass (that neck pickup is just bloody awesome), the 32 inches scale and narrow string spacing at the bridge is always bothering me a bit.


Here is the link to this very Alembic Spoiler specs http://alembic.com/club/messages/394/67053.html?1282867280


And here, a link to a video demo make by the crazy adorable Johnny LONG : 


The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC. It has a new battery and is fitted with a brand new set of Alembic CX-3/45L compression wound nickel steel alloy strings (45 - 65 - 80 - 105), which really fit the bass to perfection.


What you see is what you get !


Look at the pictures taken under different angles to see the real condition : almost in new condition with some very few scratches, the most "important" ones being on the lower side on the edge near the electronics.


Don't hesitate to ask for more.





























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Absolutely beautiful - staggering koa and one of the most expensive timbers in the Alembic catalogue (fabulously knowledgeable and honest ebayer too!)

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I predict somebody being very happy and somebody having much regret...

Buyer and seller - figure out which is which..


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Posted (edited)

Holy sh%t 😍🤤
there’s a bucket list bass right there......

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4 hours ago, Clarky said:

I have no bass money but would suggest you also post this up on the Alembic Club forum. BCer @jazzyvee is a frequent contributor to that forum


Thanks @Clarky, it's done as I'm also a member there. 😉

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Posted (edited)

Enjoyed the video - Johnny is a bit marmite (I actually quite like him) but he demonstrates very neatly the tonal possibilities/palette in this model.  Outstanding and tonally the equal of Alembic’s more expensive models (not that any Alembic could be considered ‘budget’!)

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This brand has never really floated my boat, but this one is gorgeous!


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I have had lots of trade proposals (here and elsewhere), but would really prefer a straight sale. Anyway a part exchange with cash my way is something I could, maybe, accept.

And thanks for all the comments. 👍

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On hold. It will go to his new owner on Monday. :)

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Somebody is getting a result....

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      Electronics: Seymour Duncan Basslines preamp. Push/Pull Volume/Pickup Pan Control (Part #M89252 -2 x 220K, 500K)* Treble Tone Control (Part #M85100 - 100K) Mid Tone Control (Part #M85100 - 100K) Bass Tone Control (Part #M85100 - 100K).
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      Gold hardware
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