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Guitar pickups - Dimarzio and Bare Knuckle, tele pickguard
London, UK

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Autumn cleaning of unused parts! All prices include postage in UK and assume PPG payment.

100% feedback on thefretboard, basschat and ebay.

Pickups in perfect working order, with any specifics noted.

In most cases, pickups will include screws and springs, but assuming everyone already has spares... However, if screws/springs are critical to you, do let me know and I will make sure your pickups come with the necessary.

All DCR readings as expected.


1. Tele plate routed for using Strat size pickup. £10 posted, or £8 with any single
2. Bare Knuckle Cobra (middle). Sticker says neck, but i specifically ordered it to be RWRP, to get humcancelling in 2+4. Sounds amazing in H-S-H with 500k pots- genuinely a great middle sound you can use for solos. WITHDRAWN
3. House of tone S-style (neck). Cream cover. Stock polarity. Nice sound and bargain at £23.
4. Bare Knuckle Apache - neck. White cover. £45 SOLD
5. Bare Knuckle Crawler - bridge. Long leg, 4 conductor, 50mm spacing. Nickel cover. - £75
6. Gibson neck pickup, from 2002 les paul. reads 7.6k, believe to be a Burstbucker. Screw mounts had deteriorated and baseplate was replaced with correctly-spaced nickel one from Axesrus. original plate, with remains of PAF sticker, included. £38 SOLD
7. Dimarzio Liquifire - standard spacing, cables slightly extended from when shielding is pulled back. amazing lead tone with a PRS treble cap on the volume pot... £45 SOLD
8. Dimarzio Evolution middle - white cover. briefly installed, RWRP, decided preferred something else, almost new - £35
9. Dimarzio True Velvet middle - black cover. briefly installed, RWRP, decided preferred something else, almost new - £35
10. raw nickel covers, installed before, already showing bit of wear. from axesrus I believe - £10 SOLD
11. PRS 5 way rotary switch - from 2007 CE24. £15
12. strat purple covers - freebie, with any other item. not economically worth selling/posting separately
13. Dimarzio Liquifire 7 - owned from new. Just prefer 90's sound of Blazes. £55
14. Dimarzio D-Sonic 7 - owned from new. Just prefer 90's sound of Blazes. £55 SOLD
15. Dimarzio Air norton - standard spacing, black. £45
16. Dimarzio Air Norton - f spaced, custom-made hybrid of black/velvet. I put this together from two Air Nortons (one double black, one double velvet), for visual reasons to work with my "purple machine 90's Ibanez", to have zebra colours in the 'right' (read: OCD) order). Been modding guitars for 15 years so know what I'm doing, and you'd be pushed to know this wasn't a factory original... but slight price drop, to go nicely with a custom colour. £40
17. Dimarzio D-Activator bridge - f spaced, black, owned from new. £50
18. genuine dimarzio blue coil cover. free with any other item GONE
19. dimarzio air norton S - with both black and white dimarzio covers. long cable, great condition. photo on request (not included below)- £45 SOLD
20. dimarzio SDS1 - good condition, choice of black/white covers. enough cable for most installation. photo on request (not included below) - £35
21. bare knuckle slow hand middle (RWRP) - with baseplate (more bass/power). uncut cable. black cover. photo on request (not included below) £50

pickup photos.jpg

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