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Replacement pickups for Fender US Deluxe JAzz V (2001)

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I have a 2001 Fender US Deluxe Jazz V I bought in 2003.  I really love the bass and have modded it over the years - Audere 3 band deluxe preamp, refinish.  I love the bass and have used it on dozens of recording s and gigs.  The issue I have is that the low B sounds weak.  Acoustically, it sounds fine, but amplified, the B is much quiter and really weak.  I have a 1997 US Deluxe V that doesn't have this issue.  So, my hunch is it's the pickups.  Certainly the pole pieces on the B are much lower.

So, what options do I have?  The pickups are miuch narrower than a typical 5 string set.  DO I opt for a newer set of the Noiseless pickups (N3?) or something else?  I play in a prog metal band, but I'm looking for the character of decent Jazz bass rather than loads of output or bottom end.  Can always dial in a fatter sound (i.e. not sure quarter pounders are for me)

Any recommendations gratefully received.


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