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Lukasz Chyla

FS: Ibanez GWB35, decided to keep it.
Great Yarmouth

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FS: Ibanez GWB35

It's in good condition


Neck type: GWB / 3pc Maple neck

Top/back/body: Basswood body

Fretboard: Ebony fingerboard / Off-set white dot inlay

Fret: Fretless

Bridge: Std. bridge

String space: 16.5mm

Bridge pickup: SFR-GWB bridge pickup (Passive)

Equaliser: EQB-GWII 2-band EQ

Controls: Volume/ Bass Boost/Cut/ Treble Boost/Cut

Scale: 864mm/34"









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    • By AMD8806
      Selling my 2003 Ibanez SRX 400, i'm open to offers, The bass a couple of chips on the head stock but otherwise scratch free. Ones in this condition usually go for around for £470-£450 but there is some corrosion on the tuners, bridge and neck joint plate. Its also been signed by Lee Voss on the scratch plate (which is barely noticeable as it has bee scratched on and you have to look at it in the sunlight) Sensible offers please. Cheers
      Edit: I realised that £420 was a bit steep so i have decided to reduce the price to £350

    • By Jellyfish
      Now £250!
      For sale is my Ibanez SR506. This is an early example that features a push-pull pot on the volume to switch between active and passive and a push-pull pot on the mid control to select mid frequency. Other than that, it's very similar to the current day model and is an absolute beast! 
      The bass has recently been cleaned and restrung with Ernie Balls (that currently have about 5 minutes of play time on them!). There are plenty of age related marks and a slight crack near the 6th string tuning peg. This crack doesn't effect the tuning or neck at all and I've been td that it's very unlikely to effect the bass in the future (unless dropped from a small height) :). 
      I've tried to capture the various dents and marks in pictures but otherwise it plays brilliantly and the electronics all work perfectly fine. 
      Padded Fender case included. Happy to courier at buyer's risk (will ensure adequate packing). Also happy to consider trades. 
      Specs (copied from Andertons):
      5pc SR6 Jatoba/Bubinga neck
      Mahogany body
      Medium frets
      B106 bridge (16.5mm string spacing)
      Bartolini MK1 neck pu
      Bartolini MK1 bridge pu
      Bartolini MK1 3-band eq

    • By fclef4life
      Placing for sale a very special bass - Ibanez BTB1825. It has a 9-piece Panga Panga / Purpleheart / Maple neck, Ash body with Walnut on the front and back. Panga Panga fingerboard, Aguilar DCB pickups and 3-band Custom Ibanez preamp, with active / passive switch and mid frequency selection. When I bought this bass I asked to replace the jack with a higher quality one. This work was done by a professional luthier. The original jack worked perfectly, but I prefer the traditional jack system.
      This Ibanez is really comfortable and light weight. It has a deep sound with plenty of definition, thanks to the choice of woods, the 35" scale and neck-through construction. The bass is in mint conditions, hasn't left my home. Includes original Ibanez soft case. Price €1300, sale only. Location Barcelona

    • By edirelandbass
      Slightly unusual 80s Ibanez Blazer,
      Jazz pickup, battery cavity (empty) and metal scratch plate added before it got to me. 
      I bought this bass because I wanted a fretted neck for my other (fretless) Blazer. I switched them and the neck that is now on this bass was professionally defretted by The Bass Gallery, Camden.
      I’ve wired it up so that one pot controls the volume of each pickup, lots of scope for adding more knobs, active electronics etc, I just don’t have the time. Sounds great as it is, especially the Precision pickup - my other Blazer is my main bass.
      Currently strung with flats (I think Pyramid Golds)
      Cash on Collection from East London

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So, my OP of this topic might be considered sick, disgusting and illegal by most.... 
      But anyway, here's my 2 Mikros :

      First my old battered, but trusty and beloved, main, 4 string Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Bass, out of the December 2010 production, with a mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and currently with just a DiMarzio Model P, P pickup, installed, wired directly to the output jack socket, though the J pickup from the previously installed EMG Geezer Butler P/J pickup set still sits there, but disconnected and lowered considerably :

      And then my much newer 5 string Ibanez GSRM25 Mikro Bass, out of the January 2019 production, with a poplar body, maple neck, jatoba fretboard, and it's 2 stock J pickups wired in series, though I really need to have them replaced for something better sounding at some point :

      Both, beside a right out horrifying bad setup, came as good as perfect from factory, practically perfectly leveled and polished frets, and no other flaws whatsoever seemingly.
      And the 4 string even got what I think might be the most stable neck I ever had on any bass or guitar I have owned, despite a few of those being 1000$+ instruments, holds tuning extremely well, and I almost never have to adjust the truss rod. 
      That one is also one of my absolute favorite basses, if not the single most favorite bass, I ever owned, such a pleasure to play on, and after I swapped the stock pickups with some quality ones it also sounds absolutely great. 
      If it is any comfort I didn't attempt to have sex with either of them, I only repeatably fondled them meticulously, and I am sure that would have been fully consensual, had they been given a choice. 

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