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Nate Mendel P Sold!

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It's a bit of a wrench to do this but selling this fantastic bass. I spent a while thinking this was 'the one' and still is in terms of playability and looks, but I find myself lately wanting that 2 pickup sound, so with this being my 3rd P bass and the one with the least sentimental value - going to see if I can raise funds for something else.

4 things to note:

- I have fully shielded the cavity with copper tape as it seemed to pick up a bit too much noise when I first got it, shielding it completely sorted that.

- Even though the finish is a light relic, a little bit of extra paint came off just under the neck pocket, makes no difference to the look or playability of the bass.

- I bought it second hand but in pristine unplayed condition, over the year or so I've had it the finish on the back of the neck has worn away. From what I could tell the neck is sprayed with a thin lacquer finish designed to do this to give the '30 years of playing' look within about 3 months.

- I kept a plec in the top of the scratch plate so it's ever so slightly warped but barely noticeable

Other than that it's in the condition it left the factory. I have the gig bag unused in my loft and also the other FF neck plate + case candy in my loft which I will grab and photograph when I get a chance, I'm hoping the original strap buttons are in there too but if not I will leave the strap locks on. 

With the current situation I can only offer postage at the moment but I have a suitable box to send it in. (Incidentally, looking for courier recommendations)

I've got my eye on something else on the forum at the moment so if that sells I'll be withdrawing this.

Any questions just let me know.



IMG_2836 2.jpg

IMG_2837 2.jpg


IMG_2839 2.jpg

IMG_2840 2.jpg

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