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NOW £300 - Trace Elliot Series 6 GP7 Head and 4 x 10” cab on wheels
Dumfries and Galloway

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As I am moving to the USA and stuck in the U.K. thanks to covid-19 shutting off all means to return I thought I would have a clear out of my bulkier items sooner rather than later.

1 x Amp and 1 x cab set of each £400 each.

The 4x10 cab was lovingly restored, refinished and re lined and has been a mainstay for recording that live bass sound, it comes with the original speakers. The 2 x 10 has been used for guitar and higher freq augmentation.

like many of these Trace amps, one GP7 is missing a couple of white EQ fader slider caps on one but as they stay fixed once set it’s not a huge deal. I use a toothpick. I never got round to sorting it out. I use the DI outs on these a lot as well for going into PA and such.

you can hear both bass amps and speakers in use on all the bass and guitar parts of my EP https://clairefoxx.bandcamp.com/releases I work it’s in the air bass and only use a little DI. All guitar is from the bass guitars plus pedals and uses a matching GP7 an a 2 x 10 cab, mix of DI and Mic from the cab. I encourage audio bleed as well to ensure it sounds natural.

Collection is a must or I can deliver to Edinburgh/Glasgow/Carlisle or thereabouts for downpayment on fuel etc. Further the let’s discuss.

The 2 x 10” and the second Series 6 GP7 is also for sale, same asking price.




These are the inside speakers, original Celestion K10-70s. All in great condition for their age and no wear or torn or dented bits.


this set of shots was before the grilles got a spray.



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    • By MattW
      1997 UK made Trace Elliot 1048T cabinet.  Well used with some carpet damage and dings but sounds awesome and in is perfect working order.  Comes with original cable and warranty document.
      I bought this as a package with a head that I wanted but the cab is surplus to requirements.
      Collection from Essex, or may deliver locally for diesel money.
      Built like a tank, but sounds incredible.  Perfect for someone needing a cheap but reliable and great sounding 410.

    • By mjet260
      I came across some old Trace Elliot bass amp catalogs that I got when I bought a TE bass stack about 10 years ago. I don't need them but figured someone might be interested - I can't bring myself to just throw them out. I've put a £5 price here which is just to cover postage - not charging anything for the actual paper. Two catalogs and some miscellaneous paper (manual, settings guide etc). See photos.

    • By stewblack
      PRICE DROP TO £230 that's over two Trace Elliot watts to the pound.
      Ever decide to sell something only to get a sick feeling inside when you get to it? 
      Never understand why folk don't just keep the darn thing. Well in my case it's because I spent the money already. 
      So here goes. 
      Trace Elliot AH500X in used, gigged and worn cosmetic condition. But still able to do the job it was made for. Loud fan which has a quiet setting for those worried about such things. White caps missing from Graphic on/off and Mid cut controls, both work fine (see video)
      Heavy. I will post it but it won't be cheap. Socially distant pick up is available. 
      So what's under the bonnet? Two Trace Elliot 250 watt amps. Doesn't sound much does it? Ever heard a single 250 watt Trace kicking it out? Trust me you won't forget hearing two. 
      You can use both inputs and run them into their own speaker systems. You can use both amps with an internal crossover and send the upper frequency to a small cab and the lower to a big un. This how I use it. Each output is individually adjustable and it is a thing of wonder.
      Alternatively select mono bridged and put that GP 11 MK5 preamp through them together. 

      Video - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p-YjDfQDy6WUIWU7KsTf0k3pHwhWnDlN/view?usp=sharing
      Headphones advised! Bass content
    • By stewblack
      All gone, sold. 
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