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Bassline Buster Classic 4-string
Hampton Wick, SW London

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Here’s a cracking bass which has been shamefully underused in the past 5 years, hence the sale.

It’s a Bassline Buster Classic, made in Germany in 1996. Bassline are a small, custom bass company based in Germany. The new price of this would’ve been circa £1600. A few years ago I contacted Bassline directly who were ace to give me the following wood specs:

Body european ash, hardmaple neck, and a padouk fingerboard

It has LeFay pickups and a Noll 2-band EQ with controls for Volume (push/pull for passive mode), Bass, Treble and Pickup Pan. Nut Width is 38mm and there’s a ‘Zero’ fret. It also has Neutrik locking jack socket and Schaller strap locks (with 2 positions at the bridge end to quickly jump between heights which conveniently also makes it stable resting on the floor).

It’s in ace condition, although I’d note there’s a tiny indent on the scoop up to the fingerboard past the 24th fret and few marks on the lower horn and body edge where I knocked the bass over after posting this ad (see photos in comments). All minor and character adding in my opinion - like us all it’s lived!

Playability wise, it has he slimmest, fastest neck I’ve ever encountered. It’s also super lightweight (3.7kg) so along with the fast neck you can keep going for hours.

I don’t have a gig bag but the bass will be shipped very securely in a Fender cardboard bass box, within hand-carved polystyrene protection.

Any questions or you’d like a test drive, feel free to pop me a message!










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Condition updated, price reduction
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Looks excellent VFM. Build quality looks first rate and the hardware and electronics are very nice. GLWTS

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Thanks dyerseve, it was quite surprising when reading back the full spec sheet to appreciate the quality at every component choice. I guess that’s what small, custom builders can do.

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Looks great. leFay pickups are lovely and unusual to see. 

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Posted (edited)

So, having owned this bass for 16 years, now I’ve come to want to sell it, I knock it over onto the corner of the coffee table. No major damage but a couple of fresh scratches.



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Bad luck mate! I would advertise it as pre-dinged. Save the new buyer worrying about putting a mark on it. 

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1 hour ago, stewblack said:

Bad luck mate! I would advertise it as pre-dinged. Save the new buyer worrying about putting a mark on it. 

Good shout, I’ll re-word the post slightly. It wouldn’t bother me too much, it’s 24 years old after all, but you’re right, cheers 👍

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5 hours ago, bamboscha said:

Can’t belieeeeeeeve no one’s bought this yet.

It’s understandable, there are a lot of great basses for sale at the moment at modest prices and also a significant population without an income for a few months now. It’ll sell eventually, it’s a great bass.

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    • By davidak
      Up for sale is my exceptional Moollon Classic P bass. 
      Alder body, dark ebony fretboard on quartersawn maple neck, fiesta red nitro finish. I am sure you see where is the inspiration - Pino
      Bass comes from 2013 and used to be real workhorse. Thanks to this and ultra thin nitro finish it started to age very nicely - it has rather matte finish, hardware has great patina and oxidation. Everything you would expect from bass being as much as possible close to pre-CBS Fenders. Nothing shiny and museum-like here. Check pictures, MOJO.
      Lightweight at 3,8kg. 
      Bass comes with its OHSC and is located in Czech Republic.
      Price is £1900 OBO, write me a PM and we can talk shipping, have a lot of experience with EU shipping.

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      Got this recently, but unfortunately I need to raise fund - so this awesome bass is now for sale.
      Like new Mike Lull non -reverse thunderbird NRT5 custom.  A piece of art, pure vintage sound.  Very lightweight under 4kg.  Custom 34" scale.  With original hard case. 
      In terms of ergonomics, the Thunderbird is similar to other Lull - it feels nicely balance and the design and workmanship are superb.
      In terms of tone, the pickups give you that awesome and iconic Thunderbird sound. In don't have my own soundclips but the reverse Thunderbird uses the same pickups as Lull's other Thunderbird basses:

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    • By Nicholasbt
      Selling this unique bass, very special one. The only existing bolt-on mBass ever made by Marleaux. It is a bolt on as that is usually the prefered construction type by many for a more balanced fretless sound.
      New price would be around 4800€, but this bass was a one of, so cannot be ordered new.
      The bass is in absolute pristine condition with no dings or marks. I am only selling it because I need the money and this bass is not getting used ao much.
      - 34" scale, 
      - 5 string lined fretless 24 fret marks
      - three-peace maple neck
      - ebony fingerboard
      - mahogany body
      - figured pear wood top with wenge accent veneer
      - delano quad coil pickups
      - marleaux 3 band eq with active-passive switch
      - includes marleaux rigid gigbag, strap locks, tools and marleaux booklet
      - includes a new set of Marleaux roundwound strings
      - ships with laBella deep talking flatwounds.
      - include two ebony finger ramps (currently not installed on the bass)
      Asking 3300€/2995£ negotiable. Can ship worldwide.
      I could consider partial trades with money my way with things like: Fender american precision basses and/or 5 string american active jazz basses (can be nom fender) Noble preamps, vanderkley amplificarion stuff, trickfish preamps, some pedals, and yamaha silent basses. 

    • By warwickhunt
      I owned one of these back when they were new and just released, I bought this particular amp off a fellow BCer as a back-up and out of nostalgia.  It's as good as I remember but seeing as how I've now got 4 amps... I don't need 3 back-ups!  The amp had a new power switch and service done when I bought it.  
      Lots of info on the internet re. these professional level amps.  Please don't confuse this with the Basskick series, these are a step above and really are the mutts nuts.  No class D power ratings just old school transformers and bags of power/volume... though you can practice in silence through the headphone output. 
      600w (RMS) into 4 ohms though it will operate at 2 ohms with 1.000 watt.  Features a dual-channel tube-driven preamp, with a Varimetric EQ and a notch filter which is useful if plugging in an acoustic bass and you want to dial out unwanted resonances.
      DI is transformer balanced with ground lift switch.
      MIDI optional MSM-1 - you can buy a plug and go midi module from H&K that gives access to a wealth of options.  
      Effects Loop serial
      Footswitch/Stageboard Stageboard; switching Functions EQ on/off, A, B input (not included)
      I really don't want to run the risk of damage in transit, so collection or sensible meet up point is the way forward (NE England).  Sorry I really don't need any gear as a trade.

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