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Got a Focusrite Scarlett solo, good working order and condition, I think I have the original box and instructions somewhere.. home use only for practicing with headphones.

Only selling as I have upgraded to a Zoom. 



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    • By JapanAxe
      I bought this when I had a bit more in the way of MIDI hardware devices, but while I was doing a bit of cable-fettling I realised I now only had one old-school MIDI thing, and therefore this is now surplus to requirements.

      It is a rock-solid interface as you would expect from MOTU, and has performed flawlessly while it has lived in my smoke-free home studio. (I can't claim to have a pet-free home, but the cat stays out of my studio because he doesn't like me, so I'm pretty sure he has never used it.)

      The unit is easy to set up for PC or Mac, runs from USB power, and can be left to its own devices most of the time. The handy numbers on the front light up to tell you which INs and OUTs are active. There are 4 sets of MIDI sockets on the back for permanent use, and another pair on the front intended for temporary patching-in.

      In excellent condition with the original box, manual, half-rack mounting kit, and unused 10ft USB cable. I will also include the installer CD, but tbh this might now be out-of-date, and any necessary software can be found here.

      Yours for £85 £75 including insured delivery to mainland UK.

    • By basskit_case
      Selling my Blackstar BEAM practice combo  in excellent like new condition. Great practice unit for home use, decent Bluetooth music player too used sparingly.
      The unit is designed for bass, electric and acoustic guitars.  It comes with two bass specific effects on board, envelope and distortion.
      it is also a fully functional audio interface.
      Only selling as I replaced with an Ashdown unit.
      unit is like new, £125 includes delivery.

    • By basskit_case
      Only purchased in the last couple of weeks, bought it as a practice option to my Little Bastard valve head as this has aux in and headphone out, ideal for practice.
      However this has been used for all of 10 minutes as not long after the purchase I had an opportunity to pick up an Ashdown B-Social combo this does everything the Valeton was purchased for.
      It is as new condition complete with all packaging.
      £90 includes delivery
      FEATURES :
      ● Compact, flexible single-channel bass amp head 
      ● Pure analog preamp design with super wide tonal range 
      ● Max. 20W output power 
      ● AUX IN jack for playing with your favorite backing tracks
      ● Phones jack with built-in cab simulator
      ● Built-in chorus expands your sound dimensions
      ● FX Loop for expanded effects
      ● 4/8 Ohms compatible speaker output
      ● 18V DC power supply

    • By AxelF
      Now sold: DSM Noisemaker OmniCabSim Deluxe for sale, fantastic little box of tricks - it's a cab sim, plus DI pedal, plus headphone amp, perfect for home recording or if you're playing live using in ears and DI'ing to front of house. The top three knobs allow you to dial in the response of the speaker cabinet you're after,  crafting the top end response, the low end roll off, and the intensity of the natural resonant frequency of different size cabs; you've then got two knobs to adjust the mid response, adjusting the amount of mid-scoop at 450Hz and adding punch with a boost at 800Hz to cut through the mix. It's great to be able to dial in the exact sound you want, and then have the ability to make fine tune adjustments to suit each room you're playing in.
      The built in DI means you can send the affected signal to front of house via XLR or 1/4" jack, so the sound you setup at home is the sound that the audience hears, and a 'through' output so that you can send an unaffected signal to your amp
      It's also got a headphone amp built in, so you can also use it as a personal monitor setup with in ears, with a separate Aux in jack so you can feed your monitor mix in too. All this is a fantastic form factor - the same height as a boss pedal, and about 1 and a third times the width.
      Boxed and in great condition - now £180 including UK delivery.


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