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The Wood Demons - The Jolly Gardeners SW14

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    • By Rick05
      Sorry if this has been covered before, but I have been looking at the Strandberg basses, particularly the Boden Prog bass, with a lot of curiosity and envy recently.
      Does anyone have any experiences with these basses that they can share?  
    • By Stingray5
      Any Basschatters who might fancy this, be sure to come and say hi. I'll be the one with the (white) Stingray 5. Natch!
      Special 50th Anniversary Club Reunion: ATOMIC ROOSTER + LANDMARQ
      "An evening of classic and progressive rock from two excellent bands. To celebrate 50 years since the Village Blues Club first opened it's doors on March 29th 1969 and for several years was a top venue featuring such acts as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Queen, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher and many more.
      Since 2012 we have been holding reunions and slowly we are growing and bringing live music back to the venue so all are welcome. It's also a welcome return for Atomic Rooster who last played the club in 1972.
      Tickets are £16.00 ADV and £18.00 DOOR all enquiries at this time should be sent to [email protected]
      It is advisable to buy tickets in advance."
      Address: The Roundhouse, 259A Lodge Avenue, Dagenham, RM8 2HY
      Website: roundhouse-dagenham.com
      Enquiries: 020 8592 1605
      Info provided by the Event Organiser

    • By Leonard Smalls
      Popped into my local last night and found an amazing band playing in the bar... Who knows how they got there, or why they were playing in a pub in Powys that doesn't normally do music, all I know is that they played beautifully for 2 hours. 
      I'm not normally a prog man, but these guys might have turned me:
      I'd urge anybody on Northampton or nearby to check them tonight (7th), or if you're in Wolverhampton, tomorrow.
      They're worth it!
    • By Oneandfive
      Hi Basschatters,
      Are there any prog heads amongst us?  If that's a yes, my band The Wood Demons are playing in Mortlake on Saturday June 16. The Jolly Gardeners is a nice traditional pub with a music room at the back.
      We play prog rock infused with lots of other stuff - psychedelia, classical music, film music, modal jazz, space rock, film music, psych-folk. You can hear what we do on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. If any of you can make it, I would be mightily chuffed.
      Johnny Wood-Demon
      The Wood Demons, at The Jolly Gardeners, June 16
    • By LegateNaarifin
      18 year old bassist and kinda-songwriter looking to start a heavy sort of band, with lots of dirty riffs, overlapping rhythms, and deep lyrics.
      Tool's my main influence, followed by Muse, Karnivool, Leprous, Neurosis, Gojira, Toska. I like some of the more classic stuff too, Sabbath, Metallica, Maiden, the works. But I'm not interested in sounding particularly like any band, I wanna forge something new.
      Based in Fratton, so Portsmouth/Southampton/surrounding areas preferred. I've got gear for gigging and several ideas for songs. Not really fussed when it comes to age or bodily makeup or any of that jazz.
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