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paddy mcbride

Helix Stomp Ampeg tones

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If I wanted to emulate an Ampeg SVT classic, is the Helix Stomp a good place to start / check out?

I’d like to replicate the tone I got in the studio as much as I can and when I was there I ran a B3k into the SVT classic on one channel and blended it with a compressed DI signal with a low pass.

I know I won’t get all the way there but it’d be nice to get close.

I’m currently using the darkglass B3k into the Aguilar agro for my drive tone, blended with a compressed clean signal and while I’m getting a good tone, I’m not quite there.

any advice on the helix stomp in terms of the amp sims would be appreciated.


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Have you got any kind of audio interface? Or raw recordings of your bass? If so you can download a 2 week trial of Helix Native and try it out for yourself.

The Helix will definitely let you pull off those studio tricks in one box though, e.g. splitting the signal, highpass into distortion, blended with clean lowpassed/compressed bass.

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