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Hungarian Double Bass
Whitby, North Yorkshire

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I reluctantly need to sell this and so it is up for sale at a much reduced price. Grab a bargain!

Three-quarter size double bass, with violin corners, attributed to an unknown early 21st Century maker. Solid hand-carved spruce top with attractive 'orange' flaming to the back and sides. German end-pin. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi orchestral strings.


Length of body: 1150 mm (45.5 inches)

Upper bout: 522 mm, middle bout: 380 mm, lower bout: 700 mm, upper rib depth: 200 mm, lower rib depth: 225 mm.

String Length: 1048 mm (41.25 inches)

Available to try near Whitby in North Yorkshire. Coffee and biscuits will be provided. I also have a nice pernambuco bow for sale.DSC_0522.thumb.JPG.9772ed9036464d45801dd88ba5675294.JPGDSC_0523.thumb.JPG.5c9fb37353ec8f95fb87420705d4d53f.JPGDSC_0526.thumb.JPG.abcdfe52fb693b42e60d76b76e4d1c4d.JPGDSC_0530.thumb.JPG.75f85f12d1d9cc5a8b55db7bd107a992.JPGDSC_0533.thumb.JPG.8836f554ebb6c362b911d49c6796010c.JPG

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I suspect that due to the coronovirus crisis there is little prospect of selling an instrument of this quality for the time being. However, for those avidly browsing the forum, I would be interested in a part-ex for a quality jazz guitar ( Gibson ES 175 - Ibanez George Benson or similar). If you have such a thing and are looking for a class double bass, please get in contact.

Stay safe.


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