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SOLD - Hipshot Licensed Ultralite Tuners
Poole, Dorset.

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Selling 4 x Hipshot Ultralite Tuners, the licensed versions not USA.

These were included in the sale with a P Bass I bought recently although they weren't fitted at the time but the seller had been using them on the Bass. 

They are stamped HC5.A and HC5.B and I know the 'C' means Cloverleaf. I have contacted Hipshot to find out what the rest means but for the moment have no idea. 

(update, Hipshot say it's just the tool stamp)

The Ferrule nut requires a 19mm spanner so these are 1/2 inch Tuners for a 5/8 inch headstock hole. I have attached a .pdf from the Hipshot website with dimensions. 

The finish is Satin/Chrome with slight marks on the Cloverleaf. These are £13 each at Bass Direct plus £4 shipping (£56 for a set of 4)

£35 including postage to mainland UK or collect from Poole, Dorset for £30. 


Screenshot 2020-02-24 13.23.42.png



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