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“ It feels like an extra limb’ – musicians on the bond with their instruments”


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If you have an instrument of any kind that fits you, it is like a tailored tool for your hobby / work. I used to cycle a lot and I have had few bicycles that have fit me like a glove. I have built most of them from parts. I have not taken the obvious parts or frames, as my body mechanics do not work with the basic calculators. Yes, calculators give good advice for the beginning amateur, but they are only suggestions. You have to do the work to find your own.

It's been the same with my basses. Nowadays I usually play longer scale instruments (a fretted 35"/5/19 mm, and a 36" fretless 4). My short scale 4-string is a 33.8" Vigier Passion. My next bass is maybe a 5-string fretless, but it has to have 19 mm string spacing in the bridge and 35 - 36" scale. The neck profile has to be pretty flat and wide. No matter how good alternatives I have been trying out, certain measurements and details just fit better than the others. As a bassist, I am happy that there are lots of alternatives available compared to guitarists who have to live with only three choices.

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I haven’t found ‘my’ bass yet, but I do own two that sort of share the characteristics of what I would consider the perfect bass between them...

*hushed voice* and I have an ‘89 MIJ Strat that lets me play as freely as I think I will ever be able to. It’s not perfect, but it speaks to me like no other guitar. Some previous owner completely trashed it, so it has no resale value worth mentioning, but I’d be devastated if it got stolen or damaged beyond repair.

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I bought a Vantage VP710B in 1982 or 83 and haven't stopped playing It yet.

I own/have owned all kinds of basses from a variety of brands, but always go back to "the one". It definitly is my extra limb 😀



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