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Badger Schism - SOLD

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For sale is my Badger Schism parallel loop blender. This was bought from new way back when, but I've finally decided to have a cull of my gear as I rarely have time to play bass these days. 

The pedal is in perfect working order with velcro on the base. It has two parallel loops and a clean blend, each with individual volume control and a phase switch. 

Looking for £100 posted. 




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    • By AxelF
      EHX Tri Parallel Mixer pedal for sale - only about two and a half months old and only used once in anger, like most people I'm spending far too much time during lockdown messing with my setup and not enough time practicing, as a result my pedal board has shrunk dramatically and I've simplified it to only one signal chain just after buying this and a larger board to accomodate it...
      It has three separate loops plus a dry send, so you can parallel blend any combination of three separate signal chains plus your unaffected bass signal if required. There are separate send/return levels plus an eq and a phase inverter if required for each channel. It's a remarkably well designed and simple yet amazingly useful bit of kit!
      Essentially 'as new' condition, boxed with the original rubber feet in the box. £85 including UK delivery

    • By iSeal95
      Here we have a Boss RC-1 loop station.
      Classic looper that is build amazingly, super easy to use and the layout is in my opinion the most user friendly interface out there.
      I got this about 2 years ago and then used it at home maybe 3 times when fleshing out some song ideas. Since then its been in its box and plastic.

      Very good condition and all working perfectly
      Any questions then please feel free to ask!  

    • By Fionn
      Boss RC-300 Loop Station
      This is the daddy of all loopers. If you’re reading this you’ll know that though. If you’re not sure, there are a huge amount of reviews, articles, demos, forum discussions, etc online.
      Corporate blurb: https://www.boss.info/global/products/rc-300/
      Condition: It has virtually never been used, so like new.
      Original box and PSU are included. I’ve misplaced the manual, though it can be downloaded from the Boss website. I can post the manual when it turns up anyway.
      I’m happy to post within the UK, fully insured, using the Parcelforce 48 service, for an extra £10.
      Trades: I could trade/ part trade for the following... Fender Precision Lyte, Sunn Mustang Precision, Markbass NY121 cab .... or try me with something else. I’m open to trade offers.

    • Guest Jecklin
      By Guest Jecklin
      Hello everyone,
      I'm looking for advice on tweaking my set up and need real world user experience about looper / loop pedals (not loop samplers, but fx loop switching).
      I have a line of effects pedals that includes a freeze pedal and a loop sampler pedal which I then run through pitch and delay effects.
      I want the facility to play over the top of this chain without sending the signal through effects.
      Can anyone give me some pointers on loop pedals that will accomplish this?
    • By milford59
      Boss RC-1 loop pedal.  Very little home-use only. Comes with original box and manual. 
      I will include a brand new 9v battery as well.
      £50 + postage.

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