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SOLD Precision Bass Made in Japan 1990/91 TCB/Maple with Shipping

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I've seen a fretless that I'd like to buy, and since the seller is also selling a fretted P I'll not bother him with trade request so will put this up for sale in the belief of if it is meant to be it will be

Fender Precision Bass Made In Japan 1990/91 PB57/500 Two colour Sunburst / Maple. 
Lovely sounding and playing, player grade, Precision Bass, in good used condition. Purchased from Bass Direct, has great sounding original type '57 pickups with staggered pole pieces. Fujigen built with typical of era quality Japanese parts and build quality. Solid one piece maple neck, truss rod adjustment at heel of neck. Single ply white scratch plate with original pots and capacitor.
Condition is Used, no major issues, minor dings and wear as one would expect from a 30 year old instrument; frets, hardware and truss rod in good condition and electrically sound. Since I've owned the bass I have changed the pickguard screws to stainless and fitted Flatwound strings and 4 replacement shorter length bridge height adjustment screws, but have kept the originals and will include those. Instrument is currently set up with a fairly straight neck and low action to suit me.
Complete with used Fender ABS hard case in good condition.
Includes UK 48 hour courier shipping mainland UK, excluding far SW England and Scottish Highlands and Islands for which there may be an additional cost.
You are welcome to come and try the instrument out here in Llanfyllin
Any questions please ask, either through pm or by telephone 01691 648011. I have some additional photos saved and can take more if required, though outdoor shots with good natural light maybe difficult given the weather.WP_20190522_003.thumb.jpg.b43cccce830eb4d24b53d0cd214dcafb.jpgWP_20190522_004.thumb.jpg.a7e5aa2313c173188c0e67ee2cf030b7.jpgWP_20190522_005.thumb.jpg.23f8cbe0a5ba0070988ac536100916b2.jpgWP_20190522_006.thumb.jpg.06838e82d5d3ab729a6d316560e2a6d8.jpgWP_20190522_007.thumb.jpg.12572c4b8f0f2e0dce43c97a021465fc.jpgWP_20190522_008.thumb.jpg.9f8eb8b6b7392585136f526de1b677b5.jpgWP_20190522_009.thumb.jpg.d72928d9b49d320ee68302ebb7a18b5c.jpgWP_20190522_010.thumb.jpg.04e357db48cd16e1b420f9b90a96cbf4.jpgWP_20190522_012.thumb.jpg.58f07c382784ab5bc3c5fa8909c91a12.jpgWP_20190522_013.thumb.jpg.44ade99a36142d4ff0e6bdab05049df1.jpgWP_20190522_014.thumb.jpg.492cc336d66eeccb4231cc95dbfff37d.jpgWP_20190522_015.thumb.jpg.340be151ed994f727488c9d7c4797a7f.jpgWP_20190522_016.thumb.jpg.ba602485b519ede25a4d979f970b2d78.jpgWP_20190522_017.thumb.jpg.dd407689ff3d1fdefc82d8f6656cf8cb.jpgWP_20190522_018.thumb.jpg.00bafff4fd887236d81739002e79647e.jpgWP_20190522_019.thumb.jpg.006db5f617f55b1e2a6bbff01891bc12.jpgWP_20190522_020.thumb.jpg.a1d24b18e2fadb39dd21093b241ee755.jpg
Thanks for looking
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Been asked about weight sorry I didn't have the details to hand yesterday when I listed but have got it out and tried weighing it this morning - I've tried different scales cheap luggage scale, bathroom scales and post scales (difficult to get a consistent reading on these) and get somewhere between 3895g and 4010g so I'd say 8.8lbs, none of the scales are calibrated/tested and the bathroom scales only read in 0.5Kg increments

Nut width is 42mm

Fretboard radius is 7.25"

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