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Paul S

SOLD Musicman Sterling 5H USA
Benfleet, Essex

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Selling my Musicman Sterling 5.  This is one of the expensive and hard to track down USA models and an utterly fab thing it is too.  Smaller bodied and lighter than a Stingray with a narrower neck, which was the appeal for me as lightweight narrow string spacing 5ers are few and far between.

Black with BWB scratchplate and a maple neck.  Neck has a natural finish and is as smooth a silk.  Serial number dates this to 2010 and I think I have had it for 4 years, maybe 5, mainly as a back-up bass.  Scratchplate shows marks from wear but the body is surprisingly free of dings or marks - just one slight ding near the input jack.  Very little else, hardly any buckle rash, surface scuffs or swirls.  The electrics are active with a 3 band eq and a 3-way switching on the twin coil humbucker that give series/parallel/phantom coil to avoid hum.  Not entirely sure of the technicalities but they each have a different voice.  Really punchy Musicman tone.

Stats - weighs just 3.8kg.  String spacing at the bridge is 17.5mm according to my ruler, shaky hands and poor eyesight.  43mm across the nut.  Action at the 12th fret is roughly 3mm on the B string and 2mm on the G.  Currently strung with whatever roundwounds it came with - I'd take a wild guess at some type of EBMM string :)  - which, as primarily a flats kind of guy, to my ears still sound nice and zingy.  It comes with the original fitted SKB hard case with Musicman embossed on the front.  Full disclosure, the inside smells a bit like a charity shop - it came like it and several attempts to deodorise with Febreeze haven't got rid.  Just to manage expectation when opening the case 😁

I had modded this to take, initially, an additional split coil P pickup* and, subsequently, just the P pickup.  To sell it I have had it returned to stock with everything put back in place.  The only evidence is under the scratchplate where the routing for the P pickup was undertaken (by our very own Andyjr1515, so beautifully neat not butchered :))

I am selling it as all my 5 string duties are shouldered exclusively by my Maroos-chick Jake 5 meaning that this has just sat in the case as back up, unplayed.  It occured to me that I may as well buy a cheaper 5 string as back up to leave in the case unplayed and release some funds to fuel more frivolous schemes. 😂

I am asking £1000 for this, firm, collected from South Benfleet on the Essex Riviera.  I will courier this as the case is rock solid, UK mainland and to Europe via Eurosender.  No idea how much but it will be researched and charged at cost.  Not interested in any trades at the moment, thanks.

*I have the 5 string Delano PC 5AL/M2 pickup (and also the scratch plate) available, should anyone want to try this mod, at a friendly discount if all bought together :) .










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    • By ezbass
      Up for sale is my Maruszczyk Jake L in Fiesta Red (very Pino). I bought this new in mid April of last year. It has been gigged a few times and, apart from the usual swirls, is in great condition. Sounds just like you'd expect a P Bass to sound. 
      Jake L (Precision type) chambered alder body.
      34" Scale maple neck, katalox fretboard with MOP dots.
      19mm bridge spacing, 40mm nut width.
      Standard Maruszczyk split coil pickup, passive circuit.
      Tort, 3 ply pickguard.
      Weighs 7lbs 3ozs (3.3kg ish).
      Hardware is standard Maruszczyk fitment.
      Maruszczyk gig bag.
      Currently fitted with Ernie Ball Cobalt Flats.

    • By Hellzero
      3 x Music Man (heel truss rod adjustment) pickguards or scratchplates or whatever you want to call them. 1 x black, 1 x cream, 1 x white. Only selling as a lot.
      For sale only.
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £25 GBP !!!
      In fully working condition if you can say so for these.
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      Selling only because I have no further use of it.
      What you see is what you get !
      Look at the pictures to see the real condition : used.
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.

    • By alinbassplayer
      With a heavy heart i'm putting my 2001 Warwick SS1 5 string up for sale.
      When I got it 3 years ago it was in a dire situation in its original "finish", it was all scratched up and the previous owner just kept waxing without cleaning, so a lot of grime had built up, one of the original saddles was lost and had been replaced with a smaller one, and the jack plug only worked continuously in passive mode, active was interrupted.
      So i replaced the whole bridge, will provide the old one for parts, i think i still have the original knobs it came with but they were just a little more tarnished and had lost their shine.
      When i bought the bridge and measured everything I realized this is actually the broad neck version and not the normal one, i only had a rockbass to compare it to, and that's not a fair comparison.
      2 years ago i had it professionally refinished by one of the Crimson Guitars tutors. It is now in a lovely semi satin finish, and a nice red which i think actually enhances the flamed maple, we managed to cover and clean most of the scratches but some can still be seen.
      I have also installed recessed Dunlop straplocks but i can provide the original ones should anyone endeavour to install them back, i am not very skilled in woodwork and didn't want to screw it up.(get it?!)
      The preamp and pickups are original, preamp is 3 band active/passive and honestly the tone out of it is unbelievable.
      The neck is beautiful, a little on the thicc side, but feels very comfortable and compliments the looks and sound of the bass.
      Only selling as the addition of a new bass will basically mean this will not be used at all anymore.
      Original specs as per warwick serial no.
      G 085969-01 
      2001 Streamer Stage 1
      5 string
      Flamed maple AA body
      Flamed maple neck
      Natural oil finish(not any more)
      Gold hardware
      And i think the fretboard is Wenge but it's not mentioned on the specs.
      It has been my main war horse for the past 2 years so it has a few newer scars, all can be seen in the photos. I keep my action pretty high as i play in A tuning. It could do with a clean and maybe a setup. Strings are fairly recent D'Daddario nickels 135 and lower.
      Any questions let me know, not interested in trades, unless it's a 5 string fanned fret/headless/both. 
      Offers welcome as price is not fixed.
      I prefer collection only from Lewisham, London or around the South East London area.
      Will come with a Hiscox Liteflite HSC.
      Price drop: £1400 ONO

    • By Apothem
      Playing zero nowadays, hence FOR SALE ONLY, thinning the herd here.
      Beautiful vintage Music Man STINGRAY, April 1989, black / maple, original hardshell case (with keys). Unmistakable 2-band, classic Stingray sound, from smooth fingerstyle to snappy slap. One from the golden era of EBMM, still with the finished neck, bullet trussrod and skunk stripe on the back of the neck. Some birdseye on fingerboard and neck. Chrome battery cover. Already featuring the screws-through-saddles design bridge, allowing lower action. Currently set with very little relief and low action. Strung with 45-105 Daddario ProSteels with only a few hours of bedroom playing on.
      A little patina on the control plate and pegs, small dings on the body and some buckle rash on the back, the kind of signs to be expected on a 31 year old instrument, but neck and fingerboard are absolutely fine. To be completely honest upfront, I am not sure about the originality of the pickguard, although I may be wrong. Weight is 4.3 Kg.
      NEW PRICE £1250 + shipping, payment through bank transfer only, please. IF YOU BOUGHT IT FROM A VINTAGE INSTRUMENTS DEALER IT WOULD COST YOU WAAAY MORE, SO DO YOUR MATHS....
      Trade proposals will not be considered. Established, reputable BCers from the EU can contact me with their address for a shipping quote.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By King Tut
      Price Drop £300 if collected For sale is my beautiful V7 Five String. I only bought this in case I ever needed a fiver for an awkward keyed song. I absolutely love the bass but can't get on with the neck width at the nut, I have tiny hands. It's never been gigged - in fact, it hasn't left the house, so it's immaculate, blemish free, in fact I'd go so far as to say it's almost virginal in its innocence. OK I'll stop waffling sorry.
      She's Ash bodied - looks like two piece with a maple board and pearloid block inlays. She weighs in at a reassuring 10.2lb
      I'm not really looking for trades but may be interested in something short scale, particularly if it were japaneezy and Mustang shaped.
      I'm based in sunny Milton Keynes and you're welcome to come over for a socially distanced tryout, or I can post at your expense and risk. Price Drop £300 if collected

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