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Black Sabbath, 50 year anniversary


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Geezer, what a player. I strongly recomend both Ozzy and Black Sabbath (Symptom of the universe) biographies, highly entertaining.

Also, tomorrow night there's an event in London to celebrate the anniversary of this album, it should be good fun with bands playing, but I could not find any friend to go with, and unfortunately my girlfriend is not really into Sabbath. If any of you from London were interested, let's meet there for a toast to Geezer and the boys from B'ham. 🖤


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I’m on my way back to the airport to fly home, having come over to Brum to celebrate the anniversary yesterday. Zakk played like a fella who got paid by the note, the Buzz Lightyear of guitar solos. I really thought they were poor, to be honest. Great setlist, wakk execution. I still enjoyed the night though, I got to meet an old friend who lives over here. We redeemed the situation by heading down to Mapledurham Mill this morning for the obligatory picture opportunity. We met another Sabbath fan there who had the same idea, all trying to figure out a way to sneak in 🙂

As for that album, it’s timeless. It still sounds vital and fresh today and is just as relevant now as it was 50 years ago.


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Black Sabbath and Paranoid were my first 2 8-tracks. Loved them both!

Went to see the Paranoid tour in Madison, Wisconsin.

[A lot of touring bands liked to open tours in Madison because the crowds were so supportive. This will be important in a minute.]

The opening band came on over an hour late, and played for just over 30 minutes. It took Sabbath another hour and a half plus to make their appearance. And they played for less than 45 minutes. Walked off the stage. Lights went up. No encore. No nada. They were f'ing gone.

The crowd started booing. Loudly. One of their roadies flipped us the finger. Someone in the front of the crowd managed to hit the bass drum square with a bottle. Must nasty name calling from the roadies.

Big mistake. The stage got stormed and a lot of Sabbath's gear got trashed.

They never came back to Madison.

It was really hard to stay a fan after that.

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5 hours ago, dudewheresmybass said:

Black sabbath changed my life. 
if those three notes hadn’t happened, heavy metal would not have been born. 
I probably wouldn’t have been drawn away from the cello to play bass. 
thank you Tony, Geezer, Bill and Ozzy

And if hadn't been for a factory accident to Tony, aged 17, those 3 notes might have been very different... 

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