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I bought this as a personal rehearsal “studio”, bought some powered monitors and a Sub, bingo good to go. The I realised 🤓 I had the band mixer more channels more people to jam with.. 

So I’m using that. 

Boxed as new.




Its a neat piece of kit and does the job.

Thanks for looking

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Posted (edited)

£27.50 posted....

This is a really neat way to rehearse. 😱

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    • By Tulou5445
      Just a simple one:
      I have found a beautiful Fender Jazz but it is shipping from Mexico from what seems to be an independent guitar shop, found on Reverb, the postage cost being £160 to the UK.
      I have been Googling about and have read some dodgy things which have unsettled my desire to buy this bass because of the postage. Like: it has never arrived or has taken months too.
      But for such a high value, heavy item, things must be different and taken in consideration, perhaps prioritised during postage, no?
      Really really would like this bass! Anyone have in experience?? Please tell!
    • By Oldman
      Two EICH T300’s (well Puma 300’s) for less than the price of one, and, wait for it, a 12db boost on one channel below 200Hz. More punch less Judy at 350 Watts a channel into 4 Ohms.
      The brilliant TecAmp twin channel Bona Fide. Small footprint, will run each channel into 2 Ohms and bridge as well into 4 Ohms, 800 Watts.
      Steady, I’m buyin’ it back here.
      Surplus as I’m Runnin sumting else. Snaps below. Great condition, gig bag that you can use with the head in situ.... 
      Will sell, but will also do partial trade (Full) for a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2 ( partial), Shuttle 9.2 (partial), Shuttlemax 9.2 (Partial ish), Shuttlemax 12.2 (Partial ish).
      No cabs, Basses, unlss it’s that Rivoli Blonde, we’ll maybe a 15”...

      This has been a noodle head for a while but I had occasion to use it last gig, a punter claimed the Bass sound/volume nearly caused a “Bowel Movement”. I was impressed, took me back to the Cavern days and Vox Foundation 18’s.
      Includes Footswitch !
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