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Auditions for The 602...a diary.


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3 hours ago, Lord Sausage said:

How's that a problem?

We had a player who we didn't tell him the key or chords. Just sussed it with his ear. Sign of a good musician to me.

If you're playing originals and you aren't writing specific parts for your player I'd take that as an advantage.

I think there's definitely some sort of scale here, and "gifted musician who picks up the key by ear and knows what to play" is possibly not at the same end of said scale as "stoner who freestyles something different every time you play, that may or may not actually sound like he's playing the same song as the rest of you" 🤣

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How are we all?


just to keep this updated…


After just 3 rehearsals, the guitarist has quit.




He wants “to pursue a covers band as his musical outlet”


OH well.


I’m not really that bothered anymore. I’ve got two people lined up.


Hoping Andy who did a great job before hand doesn’t hold a grudge…😩


I absolutely wouldn’t blame the guy if he told me to stick it.



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35 minutes ago, ezbass said:

We like Andy. Plainly doesn’t bear a grudge and sounds more your type of player.

Listening to a rehearsal where we developed 8 ideas with a guy who enjoyed it.


not whined about what effect to use on a chorus of 1 idea for 3 hours.

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6 minutes ago, Cosmo Valdemar said:

I'm a bit behind - is Andy the chap with the hair metal guitar?


that was big Al.


Andy followed Big Al and was lovely.


He was brilliant, then singer threw his toys out of the pram - so we got a new singer too.


Progress was slow with new singer.


so original guitarist and original singer returned for “another go”.


Andy was an unintentional “casualty” of that.


but he’s mega cool and just said “let me know if you’re working on anything else”.

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Studio booked for 28th November, full day. Live in room recording so we can hear everything as it is and decide on next steps.


Wondering if a few basschatters may lend an ear once completed as a round robin for suggestions/critique.


I know @Wolverinebassand @PatrickJ will have their ears over it.

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So, studio date got shifted due to covid something or other…


We managed to swing a live studio session with some local students at a lovely Facility in Manchester.


It was good practice, the results are a mixed bag.


anyhow…currently resting under the moniker of “Flying Oceans” - which I’m not a huge fan of, but everyone else seems happy with…




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